Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

HotLizard launches HotShot - 12/2001

The professional email marketing solution

HotShot is a complete application for those companies who wish to develop richer relationships using email.

It enables you to create feature-rich, professionally designed emails in-house. It comes supplied with a complete range of templates ñ one for every occasion from simple email messages, to newsletters, corporate brochures, product and service launches, advertising messages, promoting seminars and events or even Christmas messages ñ very seasonal! Each of the templates can be customised with your corporate logo and strapline, and content can be anything from simply formatted text to graphics and images, hyperlinks to web pages and to email contact forms.

HotShot also provides the facility to manage multiple email lists and to select names based on profiling criteria to segment and target the communication. Response reporting is included so that the user can monitor the effectiveness of the email marketing campaign.