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Flat Fee Recruiter launches 2023 Advert Calendar

What does Santa call his employees? What made the gingerbread man apply for his job? What did the marshmallow say to the hot chocolate before their late shift?

The answer to these burning questions and more will be answered in this year’s Flat Fee Recruiter Advert Calendar.

For more than 10 years Flat Fee Recruiter has been supplying fixed-price job advertising and recruitment support, and in a tradition now as firmly established as mince pies and the King’s speech, every December their ‘Advert calendar’ provides a special daily promotion on their products.

There are some incredibly good value deals to be had, including discounts on CV screening, credit- bundle offers and even free adverts on major job boards.

Helping spread further seasonal cheer, the theme of this year’s calendar is Christmas cracker jokes. There will be a fresh (or not so fresh!) gag every day – all of which have a recruitment theme.

Coming up with 16 jokes that related to both recruitment and the festive season was no easy task. Luckily, staff writer Carl Gathercole, who is already notorious for his bottomless supply of dad jokes, was able to provide plenty of inspiration!

The Advert Calendar, which ought to rival John Lewis’s famous seasonal gift collection in the world of hiring, will go live at 8am on Friday 1st December. There will be a new offer – and a new gag – every working day until the 22nd December.

Plus, unlike the big department stores’ expensive Advent Calendar, Flat Fee Recruiter’s is free and never sells out. Take a look inside here