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CandidateZip New Feature Zip to CSV Parsing for Remarkable Change into Your Recruitment Process

CandidateZip is always excited to add new advancements to its product.

This is the reason CandidateZip is adding a new feature to its core product, ie. Zip to CSV Parsing. This new feature is used for Bulk Resume Parsing through which recruiters can upload a zip file directly to parse resumes or JD’s. 

With this new feature, the recruiters will see a remarkable change in their recruitment process. 

What is Unique About this Feature?

The best aspect of this feature is that you can directly import CSV file data into your CRM/ ATS from a downloaded file.  

Recruiters can parse resumes in bulk, which saves a lot of time. They can also save endless hours of sorting resumes in just a few clicks. The users can upload their resumes or JD’s in bulk, and data will get extracted in a few clicks. 

To know more about this feature, watch this video

Streamlining the resume data extraction process in the recruitment process is a tiresome task for every recruiter. CandidateZip helps recruiters to extract resumes or jobs into their ATS/CRM quickly. 

CandidateZip is a global leader that simplifies resumes/jobs data extraction into their ATS/CRM. Its unique features help recruiters to save time on data entry so that they get sufficient time to perform other tasks. 

CandidateZip has a three-step process that sets up automated extraction. 

a) The first step of the process is to collect the resumes from various sources available.
b) After obtaining the information, the data is extracted from the resumes/jobs and processed as per the industry standards.
c) The last step is to store data in the CRM/ATS.

Who Can Avail CandidateZip Services?

  • Staffing Companies
    CandidateZip helps staffing companies to extract data from resumes, which results in a fast recruitment process.

  • Recruiters
    It helps recruiters extract resume data in a matter of a few minutes so that they can close the job quickly.

  • Start-ups
    CandidateZip helps start-ups automate the recruitment process by simplifying the data extraction from any source into their ATS/CRM.

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