Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

CandidateZip Introduces Bulk Resume Parsing In Its Core Product

Have you ever heard that any recruiter said, 'I love data entry'?

Imagine what would happen if recruiters get the right solution to automate their hiring process.

CandidateZip has recently announced adding one more new feature to its core product. The new feature is 'Bulk Resume Parsing.' Through this new bulk parsing feature, recruiters can easily upload a zip file directly to parser resumes or JD's in bulk.

What is the Unique Use Case Of CandidateZip Bulk Parsing

This feature's vision is that recruiters can quickly parse candidate's resumes /Jd's in bulk directly into CRM/ATS, which saves a lot of time for recruiters.

This feature allows recruiters to extract candidate data in a few clicks.

Watch this short video to know more about this feature.

What is CandidateZip?

A global leader of simplified resume/job data extraction into ATS/CRM for recruiters, it helps recruiters to extract resumes/jobs data into their ATS/CRM through a simple three-step automated data extraction process.

Why Choose CandidateZip?

Coding Free

Save recruiters from technical hassles. Even a non-technical person can use the CandidateZip tool by simply following its three-step process.

a) The first step is to collect the resumes from available sources.
b) After collecting the information, the extracted data from the resumes/jobs are processed as per the industry standards.
c) In the last step, data is stored in the CRM/ATS.

Free From Data Entry

With CandidateZip, recruiters or HR managers can focus more on the hiring process instead of just entering the data into the system.

Save Time

Recruiters can experience the magic by automating the data extraction process and save time.

Close More Jobs

With fast data extraction, recruiters can speed up the recruitment process and close jobs quickly.

CandidateZip is evolving day by day and helping recruiters to streamline the recruitment process by adding new features. These features will enhance the productivity of recruiters and bring remarkable transformation in the results. Join us to hire smartly.