Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Build HR skills with PracTiva Consulting - 12/2001

Three new workshops

PracTiva Consulting, a business training consultancy have launched 3 new Human Resources skill building workshops designed to help HR professionals make their human resources interventions work more effectively!

The three new workshops comprise of:
Job Analysis ñ deals with learning the principles and processes of behavioural job analysis and focuses on:
- What are competencies and why use them for job analysis?
- Data collection ñ background research; job observation; incumbent interviews; critical incident meetings
- Using questionnaires and discussion groups
- Future-oriented analysis
- Competency identification
- Legal aspects and issues
- Planning and reporting your job analysis

Facilitation Skills ñ essential for those involved in training or responsible for classroom and workshop activities with focus on:
- Creating a learning environment
- Key presentation and facilitation skills and techniques
- Engaging your audience and making workshops interactive
- Dealing with difficult individuals or groups
- Practice assignments
- Video-taped presentations for feedback and group discussion

Selection System Design ñ with emphasis placed upon learning the principles and processes of selection systems, delegates learn about:
- Understanding the target position
- Selection instruments ñ which to use and when?
- Predictiveness, reliability and validity
- Behavioural interviewing
- Legal aspects and issues
- Working with Management
- Systems and Processes for large scale hiring
- The selection ëfunnelí ñ designing your selection system

These 3-day workshops are designed to be interactive and are learning and skill-building events, offering a combination of knowledge-building, personal development and experienced facilitators together with a keen focus on results.