Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec hits targets for its Essex network

Building a national recruitment platform, the regional recruitment specialists have completed the first stage of their network launch with, their 15th town based recruitment site for Essex. is building a national recruitment platform through itís town, county and regional sites. Vacancies posted by local employers and agencies are listed on the nearest town site, town site listings build county sites, which combine to form the nation-wide site.

Graham Miles, managing director of said, ìWe offer agencies and employers a strong local focus. The majority of jobseekers tend to think locally or regionally and so can instantly associate with our domains. By cross promoting our sites and combining all town site content into county groups we build a much higher profile for vacancies than is possible with a stand alone, single company site, unless of course you have the kind of marketing budget that most agencies only dream of! When we launched in September last year, we set ourselves the objective of building a network in Essex, our home county, that would provide county wide coverage by the New Year. Now with 15 sites covering major towns across Essex we have achieved that and have already had our first partners join us in Hertfordshire and Suffolk. Having proved the concept, we have two key objectives, firstly to implement the next tranche of site features, this will be complete by the end of January, then we will be rolling out the network across the country.î