Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

BlueHR - All the tools in one place - 12/2001

An integrated online vacancy management platform for recruiters

Bluehr has launched The Recruitment Toolbox, an integrated online vacancy management platform for recruiters. Linking traditional recruitment software with Internet recruitment tools, the Recruitment Toolbox allows recruiters to identify and target quality candidates on the web.

The founding members have brought together many years experience in recruitment and software development to meet the industry need for a coherent, holistic approach to the recruitment process. Based in London with affiliate offices in South Africa, Germany and the United States, the Recruitment Toolbox has been designed as an international recruitment tool, allowing consultants to reach qualified candidates all over the world.

The advent of online media has seen a proliferation of tools become available to recruiters. These have become increasingly fragmented and specialised, requiring recruiters to spend an inordinate amount of time in administration. The Recruitment Toolbox is designed to put all the tools a recruiter may need in one place, to be easy to use and quick to implement, cutting down on admin and increasing efficiency. Itís modular design can be tailored to fit most agenciesí budgets or infrastructure requirements.

The Recruitment Toolbox manages the placement process from start to finish, from posting vacancies online to managing candidate responses effectively. Aggregated job board facilities post vacancies to multiple sites simultaneously, freeing the time spent filling in forms to spend on the client and candidate relationships that are the life blood of the recruitment industry. Advanced search and filtering tools combined with rating features help identify quality candidates quickly and efficiently. The central Job Box management feature is designed as an intuitive and easy-to-use facility to track vacancies, allowing recruiters to assess the success of online advertising and to accurately allocate advertising budgets to the job boards that best serve their interests.