Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Actonomy to launch Profile GAP analyser as part of its xMP Data Services

Actonomy, the Belgium based semantic search & match provider has extended its xMP Data Services platform with Candidate Profile GAP Analyser functionality showing the skills GAP’s between candidates and jobs.

Actonomy xMP Data Services provides access to a suite of HR data related services covering concept extraction, ontology service for job titles, skills and general HR market information related to job descriptions.  The xMP Data Services have now been extended with a candidate (or job) profile GAP analyser.

“Our unique HR ontology does not only allow people to access information on function titles, skills and educations”, says Filip De Geijter – CEO Actonomy, ‘It also allows users to analyse their job descriptions or their candidate profiles and create a HR-DNA.  It now automatically offers a detailed GAP analyses.  This really completes the full suite of xMP Data Services with market intelligence data and tools to help candidates to find better jobs and for recruiters to find better candidates.”

xMP Data Services is capable of detecting more than one billion HR related words or concepts and to provide :

  • Full sets of synonyms for both job titles and skills;
  • Full sets of related concepts for both job titles and skills;
  • Overviews of typically related skills for job titles;
  • Overviews of job titles that share common skills;
  • The creation of a HR-DNA of a job description or candidate profile and show the most important information classified as skills, educations, industry classification and experience in general.
  • GAP analyses between candidates and jobs and vice versa as newly added feature.
  • Automatic classification of documents (CV’s, job descriptions)
  • Automatic translation of job titles and skills to all major European languages.

xMP Data Services is a cloud service that is available on a per use base and is available in all European languages.  A specific toolkit exists for users willing to integrate the service as part of their on premise installation.