As the pioneer in semantic technology for HRM applications, Actonomy provides high accuracy solutions for text extraction, semantic search and matching of candidates and jobs (and vice versa).

Actonomy’s products are designed to provide flexible and open solutions that optimize the recruitment process (sourcing, onboarding and selection) focusing on time saving and finding the best possible candidates in your own system and in 3rd party cv databases.

Actonomy provides high quality semantic search & matching technology for the HRM market allowing recruiters to find better candidates (or candidates finding a job) much faster than other systems on the market.  Actonomy interpretes what is in the profile (CV, forms, webpages) and does not only use keywords like other systems on the market.  Actonomy’s solutions perform like a human being : what is important in the candidate profile, what is implicit in the profile and how does that compare to the requirements in the job description.

Actonomy’s core product – xMP - is a highly flexible and open software that can be configured by clients based on their need.

Actonomy xMP offers:

  • xMP text extraction, extracting and interpreting all relevant information from both vacancies and candidate profiles.  A key feature to generate the profile’s DNA, representing it in clouds,…
  • xMP Parsing Service : a separate service into which advanced classification algorithms are integrated and that optionally are combined with 3rd party parsers.
  • xMP semantic search
  • xMP semantic matching for both candidate to job, job to candidate and for finding similar candidates.

Actonomy xMP is available through an open API that allows an easy integration in 3rd party environments.  xMP is also provided as an off-the-shelf plug for recruitment software packages and is called Matchbase – an integrated platform for CVparsing, searching, matching and federated search.

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