Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

8 jobs that are out of this world

We’ve all at one time or another dreamed of being the next instagram travel star, bringing in the pounds from worldly experiences and long days spent alongside an infinity pool.

But, as that job becomes accessible with brands beginning to discover more people capable of curating a wow-worthy feed and building an audience as an influencer, what other jobs can you get that are insanely out of this world?

Island Sitter

In 2009, Tourism Queensland was seeking applicants for a six month role looking after Hamilton Island off the Great Barrier Reef for a £70,000 salary per year.

Earlier this year, Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service sent out a similar request in search of a couple to look after Maatsuyker Island, off the coast of Tasmania. Accessible only by helicopter, the pair would work to preserve the existing structures of the island but also act as a weather observer. The roles would be on a volunteer basis only.

Professional Bed Tester

Aimed at the those who like to get their beauty sleep, professional bed testers can range from testing a luxury line of beds, to travelling to various hotels around the world to test out hotel beds and even the role of a John Lewis duvet tester. The job pays around £12 per hour depending on the role, with luxury bed testers being a more temporary position with a month dedicated to sleeping in various beds to test their comfort levels.

Ice Cream Tester

Whether it’s sampling the latest flavour, examining texture, taste or colour, the role of ice cream tester certainly climbs the charts as any child’s true dream job. While on duty, job roles and responsibilities can include noting down the smell, appearance, and taste, but also inventing new flavours or products, as well as also being a sales rep or brand ambassador for the company. The job earns around £50,000 a year.

VR Jobs Host

Quite literally ‘out of this world’ --

Glasgow-based VR company Geekzonia just released a call for applicants for their VR Events Host role. The role will be undertaken entirely within virtual reality, rather than in the real world. Tasks and responsibilities will require the individual to meet and greet game players in VR and assist with event organisation in virtual reality, including celebrities. As well, you have the optional added benefit of working remotely in your pajamas. Now go tell Nan you got hired for a job on Mars!

Netflix Tagger

Ever considered a job title as ‘Netflix and chill’? On the list of dream jobs you’ve always wanted, watching television all day may be one of them. Officially called ‘Netflix Taggers’, the employee will identify certain content with tags that allow users to be pushed to other relevant content that’s similar to what they watch on an ongoing basis. In 2014, Netflix was hiring for taggers in the UK and Ireland. More recently, in 2016, the company was also in search of someone to join their Enhanced Content Kids team to tag kids content.

LEGO Master Builder

LEGO architects unite and conquer:  LEGO employs expert builders to craft large LEGO sculptures for their storefronts or for their larger scale events. A yearly salary of a LEGO ‘Master Model Builder’ starts at around £26,300, spending much of your time crafting giant figurines of lego for display.

Panda Nanny

Calling all animal lovers! Earning around £26,000 per year, a Panda Nanny is tasked with providing affection towards pandas -- cuddling included. China’s Giant Panda Protection and Research Center sent out a request for recruits a few years ago, with the job spec citing free meals, transit and accommodations. Whilst the roles have been since filled, there’s always a chance for new positions to open up!

Professional Golf Ball Diver

Should Happy Gilmore take on a new living? With the potential to earn up to £100,000 per year, depending on the quantity of golf balls discovered, a professional golf ball diver does indeed exists as a real job. Given the role of uncovering lost golf balls in the bodies of water surrounding golf courses, a professional golf ball diver spends his or her day in search of one's lost treasure. Of course, the diver is required to lift a certain level of weight from their underwater collection to surface.