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Evenbreak appoint one of the top 100 most influential disabled people and passionate DEI champion Jamie Shields

The world’s first disability job board run by disabled people for disabled people Evenbreak today announced they have appointed one of the 100 most influential disabled people in the UK, Jamie Shields as an ambassador.

Branding himself a Registered Blind AuDHD Rhino (Rhinos are chubby unicorns!) Growing up Jamie experienced many challenges due to his Disability. It took many years for Jamie to realise he was not the problem, it was a society not designed for him and others like him. A society that disables.

Based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Jamie is a champion for equality and equity. He works for a Global Total Workforce Solutions Firm, AMS. Where he is the Disability Accessibility Lead. Here he supports his employer and their global clients to create inclusive accessible cultures that foster belonging for Disabled People. Something Jamie never felt in employment until this role. Alongside his full-time role, Jamie is a self-employed, Speaker, Trainer, and Consultant, operating under the name Disabled by Society. He supports his clients to create inclusive accessible change. Helping them take accountability for accessible branding, marketing, cultures, products, and services.

At Evenbreak Jamie will support both individuals and employers. He will make introductions via his global contacts between disabled people and inclusive employers supporting them to create an equitable culture that fosters belonging. As a skilled content creator Jamie will use his social media channels to share the benefits and resources Evenbreak offer with disabled people across the globe to enable meaningful employment. 

Speaking about his appointment Jamie said: “I am thrilled to be working with Evenbreak,Jane Hatton has been one of my idols, from the first time I had her on my podcast two years ago. From that moment I knew I was in the presence of a changemaker, a thought leader, and someone I could look up to. I really believe in Evenbreak's mission, and I am so excited and happy to be working with the team.When I began my voluntary role within DEI as a Disability ERG lead, I never thought one day that this would be my career. That my lived experience would shape and influence my work. Opening doors, I would have never dared to walk through. Before this, I was bouncing from job to job, desperately trying to find an inclusive employer, in a society not designed for me, whilst trying to manage my own internalised ableism. I feel very privileged to be AMS's Disability Accessibility Lead, whilst also running my side hustle, Disabled by Society. A privilege I know not many have. Today I am named as one of the 100 most Influential Disabled People in the UK. I am an award-winning ERG Lead and I am named in the Diversity Power List 2023/24, as one of the  50 most profound champions of inclusion, diversity professionals, and D&I Leaders across the UK. Recognition and validation that Jamie 20 years ago would have never believed possible. 

In my head, I have been an ambassador for Evenbreak since my first discovery of them. I know all too well what it means to struggle to gain and retain employment as a Disabled person, and Evenbreak is changing this, and I want to support that change.” 

Evenbreak CEO Jane Hatton said:”We are delighted to appoint Jamie as one of our ambassadors. He has a true passion for creating a society that accepts and accommodates people with disabilities. Jamie experienced at first hand how thriving in your career can change your life for the better. Welcome onboard, we are all looking forward to working with you!” 

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