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Executive Search Software – only better! Our experience working with thousands of executive recruiters around the world tells us that different users have different needs from executive search software.

FileFinder is designed with Executive Researchers, Consultants/Partners and Business Owners in mind.

Web Research Zone is an essential tool for Executive Researchers. Customizable search strings in Web Research Zone help the whole team to find the best and relevant candidates for their projects.

FileFinder also has multitude of ways to add candidates to assignments from other resources. Consultants and Partners love the ability to work on their search assignments without leaving MS Outlook, access their database anywhere on any device and “cannot live without” the business development functionality in FileFinder.

Business owners can monitor performance through an array of KPIs and gain insights into search projects via powerful build-in customizable reports.

Benefits of FileFinder Executive Search Software

  • Allow your team to work remotely and access their data on any device.
  • Work on your search assignments and update your database without leaving MS Outlook on PCs, Apple MACs and through a browser.
  • Leverage the power of the web and social media to quickly and easily source information on people and companies far beyond your internally sourced data.
  • Manage your search and business development efforts and monitor performance through an array of KPIs and reports.
  • “Privacy by design” ensures GDPR compliancy, while EU/US Privacy Shield helps keep your data transfers legal.
  • Save hours of work each week by generating superior client reports or sharing selected information through a Client Portal.
  • Gain access to new senior-level talent worldwide through an exclusive integration with GatedTalent, the fastest growing Executive Talent source.

“FileFinder really governs everything we do from start to finish, and our consultants use it for managing the entire executive search process. We could not do our job without it, or it would be very difficult. I can’t understand how you can do these things without the type of software that FileFinder is. From the initial conversations about the product, through the contract negotiation, data importing, software training, complete installation and final implementation, the FileFinder team was extremely responsive, professional and made the process seamless. Having this kind of support is invaluable.” - Alan Medders, Founder, Higher Education Leadership Search

“We chose FileFinder and I was grateful for the early implementation part of the process. As I said we had a system that had quite good functionality for what we were doing, and so we were really wanting to replicate that. The FileFinder projects team were very good at really trying to analyze what it was that we did, how we did it and trying to replicate that functionality in FileFinder for us. I think the project management team were extremely good at getting us through the process and implementing the product. It was a seamless process.” - Jenny Fox, Managing Director, JSD Consulting

“FileFinder has been phenomenal as a tool throughout my Executive Search career to date, and I like the fact that it just keeps improving and that it has kept up with the times. We couldn’t live without the ability to run a great process, the ability to capture all the intelligence we gather through constant candidate meetings is essential, as is the ability to capture the compensation data that we provide. With FileFinder, everything is in one place and we’ve created this incredible pool of knowledge that’s been essential to our business.” - Yomi Akiwumi, Founder and Managing Director, Forge Partners

“We’ve had FileFinder for 12 years. What I would say is that our reputation and our competitive edge is built around the data and how we use it. And FileFinder is the engine of that offering. And I think the key thing for us has been the fact that you had a number of years’ experience working with one of the world’s premier search firms. That means you have an understanding of what it is we do. You know, we’re not just recruiters, it’s a specific end of the recruitment market and for us that’s been hugely invaluable.” - Basil Reid Thomas, Partner, Valentine Thomas & Partners

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