Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

What's a hiring team without a strategy. Report shows alarming lack of HR policies in place for remote hiring.

Recruitee has just published an extensive report featuring their global research on how hiring processes have been affected by COVID. They surveyed hundred recruiters and hiring managers, searching for major pain points and possible solutions to these issues.

Their results showed that two-thirds of companies are still continuing to onboard new talent, but are suffering process delays sometimes longer than a month. 50% of participants surveyed stated that their time-to-hire has seen a delay of at least a week. The cause of this delay surely exists in the overall lack of preparation for remote hiring. 52% of the surveyed participants stated that their companies do not have a proper remote hiring policy and 54% said they don’t have one in place for remote onboarding either. With remote working here to stay for many tech companies, a delayed hiring process can be a hindrance to a business productivity and lead to poor hiring practices. 

Recruitee’s survey pushed further to find out exactly what could be improved to reverse this effect on remote hiring. The results found that overall HR technology adoption is still lacking for companies, but 65% did say that they are currently using an applicant tracking system (ATS); which has actually helped combat the deficiencies of remote hiring. Of the companies who had not started using an ATS, 71% stated they were seeing delays in their process of over a week. On the contrary, only 21% who were already using an ATS stated they had any delays at all. 

While much of the future is still uncertain for hiring, amongst several other industries. It is clear that if companies really are serious about embracing a future with remote working, they really need to start accepting technology with open arms and adopt policies that ensure talent acquisition isn't a sacrifice.

To access the full report, please click here.