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The UK's Fastest-Growing Jobs in 2023: Exclusive Report by CV Genius

The UK will see a massive increase in the number of open positions in medicine, sales, and tech between 2023 and 2027, a leading careers authority has revealed.

CV Genius made the discovery after analysing government data to determine what the fastest-growing jobs in the UK are likely to be in the coming years. Researchers took the following steps to measure job growth:
  • Leveraged the most recent data on Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE) to compare salaries between 2021 and 2022 and create a longlist of UK occupations with the fastest recent pay growth
  • Reviewed National Careers Service (NCS) data, using each occupation's four-digit SOC  to find the number of predicted new job openings and additional vacancies from expected retirements
  • Totalled new job openings and vacancies from retirement to estimate the total number of openings for each occupation by 2027
The results of the analysis indicate a large increase in the number of opportunities for specialist medical practitioners, sales account and business development managers, and IT network professionals, expected to total 546,100 vacancies by 2027. The predicted rise in the number of vacancies for certain fast-growing jobs comes despite the Office of National Statistics recently recording an overall decrease in the number of job vacancies from 1,257,000 openings in June to August 2022 to just 989,000 in June to August 2023. CV Genius predicts that 183,800 specialist medical practitioner positions — a combination of new jobs and vacancies as current professionals retire — will require filling by 2027. This comes as NHS England estimates that staff shortages could exceed 570,000 by 2036. Meanwhile, demand for certain tech professionals is set to climb substantially. Among the fastest-growing tech occupations are web design professionals (33,200 vacancies by 2027), data analysts (54,800 vacancies by 2027), and IT network professionals (85,500 vacancies by 2027). The rising demand for professionals in these fields is reflected in recent salary growth data. Average full-time salaries rose by over 24% for web design professionals, more than 22% for data analysts, and over 18% for IT network professionals between 2021 and 2022, compared to a national average increase of around 6%. Additionally, the CV Genius report reveals strong growth trends for certain skilled trades, in particular a more than 9% rise in the number of pest control officer jobs and an over 3% rise in the number of garage owner positions. The top 5 fastest growing jobs are listed below, ordered by salary growth.

1. Senior police officers
- Salary growth (2021–2022): 90.62%
- Vacancies by 2027: 10,100

2. Architects
- Salary growth (2021–2022): 57.56%
- Vacancies by 2027: 40,600

3. Specialist medical practitioners
- Salary growth (2021–2022): 54.30%
- Vacancies by 2027: 183,800

4. Pest control officers
- Salary growth (2021–2022): 51.34%
- Vacancies by 2027: 6,800

5. Public relations and communications directors
- Salary growth (2021–2022): 41.23%
- Vacancies by 2027: 32,800

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