Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

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Covid-19 has brought many challenges for companies, but recruitment does not need to be one of them

According to a recent report by recruitment outsourcing company Cielo[i]two thirds of businesses successfully interviewed and onboarded new starters during the Covid-19 outbreak. Cielo also highlighted that most employers are now comfortable using technology for talent acquisition, with 82% of hiring managers saying they will continue to interview using video once the pandemic is over. Two fifths are also happy to onboard staff virtually and 32% are not concerned about making job offers without meeting candidates face to face.

Other research by Jobvite[ii]found that 84% of talent acquisition teams are adapting their processes to work remotely. They say this demonstrates the agility of talent acquisition teams, their leadership and commitment to deliver candidates to their companies to help build the business, even in times of adversity.

Speeckaert can provide guidance for companies on best practice virtual recruitments, tips and advice on how to do it well, considerations on how to get started and how predictive talent acquisition software can support companies by enabling them to automate the vetting candidates and sorting and sifting CVs to select the best fit people for interviews which can save hours of administration time and money for recruiters and employers. Using technology in the early stages of recruitment can also remove the bias from the recruitment process. For businesses operating in multiple locations the system enables companies to share candidate information with colleagues and teams no matter where they are based, ensuring a collective, objective, and fair hiring decisions are made.

Using technology can also enhance the candidate experience. Rather than simply sending their CV by email, candidates submit an easy to fill application form and afterwards they complement their profile with preemployment assessments and/or a one-way video interview.

Covid-19 has brought many challenges for companies, but recruitment does not need to be one of them. Using innovative talent acquisition software, companies can ensure its business as usual as they adapt to the new normal.