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2010 will be the year of ìusî

By Nadia Owen, 4MAT Business Communications

By Nadia Owen, 4MAT
Business Communications

And who makes up this “us”? Well, according to one of the
UK’s leading not-for-profit recruiters, it’s the extraordinary people with whom
they work – their candidates, their clients, as well as their team. Like the
economists predicting a global financial upturn , ProspectUs are setting their sights high for 2010’s expected socio-economic
recovery, and in an industry where reputation and values are prized, they are
paving the way for all of “us” to successfully kick off the new decade.

And what better way to do this than by launching a brand new
website (
after starting a new partnership with long-established recruitment web design
agency 4MAT.  This bright and
colourful website is a visual manifestation of the company’s ethos that stands
out not only against their competitor sites, but against the traditional
recruitment web style that has prevailed over the past 3 years.

Embracing split-navigation in order to colour-coordinate
client and candidate areas, this multi-interface domain comprises of six sites
including an external jobs board ( and uses 4MAT’s
dotVacancy3 software to post jobs on the ProspectUs sites and Tact directly. The
site offers two application methods – the standard apply options for regular
(non-featured) jobs, and a downloadable pack for those roles that are
advertised by external clients. These advertised jobs enable an interactive
employer function in the back-end of the website: each vacancy’s applications
allow exportable data including the statistics surrounding each download and
application, as well as user behaviour information.

Where ProspectUs differ to standard recruitment agencies is
their sub-business in recruitment advertising, design and communications.
Drawing on their extensive knowledge of their industry including an understanding
of the sector’s values and monetary priorities, they have had enviable results from
their creative advertising solutions, intelligent response-handling services
and independent comms/design campaigns. A ticker of design work scrolls through
this section of their website to provide examples to interested parties.

ProspectUs’ passion is for people – not surprising given the
area in which they work – and unlike their competitors, they ensure that this
value isn’t lost to commercial and economic influence through their operation
of a non-targeted/non-commission-based structure for their agents. The rhetoric
and imagery across the site reflects this transparent accessibility and desire
for constant improvement of the “us” – in an effort to keep it web2.0, they
have even facilitated a comments section to gain feedback about their new

David Gold, CEO of ProspectUs, sums up the project. “When we
first approached 4MAT, we knew we needed their online recruitment expertise but
were genuinely concerned with the very real possibility of them building us a
‘me-too’ website - especially as their clients are all recruitment companies.
ProspectUs is unique in the Not-for-Profit marketplace in which we operate –
we’re passionate about the sector and align many of our values and ideals with
the 1,500+ organisations we work with. It was this uniqueness we wanted 4MAT to
capture and then bring it to life in our new website – a site where visitors
(both clients and candidates) would instantly feel they’d arrived at the right
place. So there was the proposition….build us a website that is ProspectUs. The creative journey was
not without its challenges (expected) but the site that has been created is
exactly what we asked for (delighted). It is very…. ‘Us.’”