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Totaljobs transforms its online job search and conversion rates with TravelTime

Totaljobs saw an immediate 10% increase in job applications, powered by TravelTime

  • Totaljobs saw an immediate 10% increase in job applications, powered by TravelTime
  • New job search uses commute time, not distance, to deliver more relevant results

Totaljobs, part of the StepStone group, has announced it is working with TravelTime to transform its online job search functionality; delivering an immediate 10% increase in job applications. The partnership means Totaljobs can now instantly filter search results by commute time, instead of distance for users.

Using TravelTime’s API to filter results by journey time, visitors to the Totaljobs website can now search, for example, all “Sales jobs within 30 minutes of my home address”. This smarter search means job seekers see the most relevant results and are more likely to apply; while businesses that advertise on Totaljobs can attract a higher volume of job seekers within close proximity of the workplace, increasing the quality of candidates and likelihood of a successful placement. The new functionality also enables Totaljobs to list the commute time for a role by all popular modes of transport including by car, public transport, cycling or walking.

Location and commute time are top priorities for people looking for a new job. In a post-COVID-19 world these factors are critical as people return to work safely and adjust to commuting again. In line with Government guidance to opt for cycling or walking where possible, the ability to evaluate commute time by different transport methods will be even more important in the job search.

Previously, Totaljobs only allowed users to search for jobs by distance (e.g. 5 or 10 miles). Now, using travel time and real transport timetable data, Totaljobs can filter job listings reachable by candidates within their choice of commute time (e.g. 30 or 60 minutes). This displays roles in easy-to-access locations that they might not previously have considered.

When searching, users will make a split-second decision on the feasibility of a role, so it is vital that Totaljobs can instantly calculate commute times. Gauthier Andries, CTO at StepStone said: “The TravelTime API’s response times, performance and reliability allowed us to add it to our primary search tool.”

Candidates using Totaljobs can browse the search results and clearly see the commute time alongside each result, enabling them to quickly judge whether to click and learn more about the role or to move on. This functionality means that users no longer need to use third-party sites to calculate their potential commutes; they can do everything without leaving the Totaljobs site.

“Travel time is a critical factor when selecting where to go; whether that be looking for a new job, finding a new home or even a partner on a dating website,” said Charlie Davies, CEO and Co-Founder of TravelTime. “People always think in terms of time, yet, we are always forced to search by distance. Our mission is to allow people to search the world in the way they actually use the world, and that is by travel time. We are all at the mercy of the transport networks around us, and any search should reflect that. We are making location search more human. When we provide a more human search, conversion rates naturally increase.”

About TravelTime

TravelTime is an API that uses travel time data to help users make better location-based decisions. Most businesses use distance in miles or kilometres to analyse and sort large numbers of locations, but this assumes that people can travel as the crow flies. TravelTime uses enormous data sets to instantly calculate the time required to travel between an origin and a large volume of locations. Sites with lots of locations, including Rightmove, Zoopla, and Jobsite, use TravelTime to better match people to places by the time taken to travel, and as a result are delivering more relevant search results for their users. 

About StepStone

With StepStone, people find the job of their dreams. StepStone, a subsidiary of Axel Springer SE, employs more than 3.000 people and operates as well as further online job platforms in several countries.