Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

CareerBuilder Works with Google Cloud on Consumer Job Search to Move the Recruitment Industry Forward

After nearly 25 years of being a pioneer in recruitment and HR technology, CareerBuilder is working closely with Google Cloud to advance the industry with next generation job search.

CareerBuilder was one of the early testers of Google’s cloud-based machine learning solution (Google Cloud Job Discovery) on its main job site and is now fully migrating over to the solution. This means the search on is completely powered by Google Cloud Job Discovery — transforming the industry standard for job search and further advancing CareerBuilder’s leadership in end-to-end solutions for hiring and managing talent. Google Cloud is also providing the search functionality for CareerBuilder’s 4,000 talent networks.

View Google’s case study on CareerBuilder here.

From sourcing, advertising and applicant tracking to background checks and beyond, CareerBuilder is focused on providing powerful AI technology for every step of the candidate-to-employee lifecycle. Aligning development with Google Cloud opens the door to further collaboration across CareerBuilder’s end-to-end solutions.

With Google Cloud Job Discovery, CareerBuilder experienced a 40 percent increase in the number of people who click through to view jobs on its clients’ talent networks. On its job site (, CareerBuilder saw a 15 percent lift in the number of people who click through to view jobs sent to them via automated job alerts. Both are due to greater relevancy in search results, which translates into higher conversions into applications for clients.

“CareerBuilder has a history of building and adopting technology that is disruptive in the industry and delivers better results,” said Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder. “Artificial intelligence is core to all of our solutions for hiring and managing talent, and leveraging Google Cloud’s machine learning solution is a natural extension of our R&D program. Building a strong relationship with Google Cloud over the last several years has brought unique benefits to our clients and job seekers, including higher relevancy and conversions. Now, companies and job seekers on have the greatest job search technology in the world driving faster connections.”

CareerBuilder has nearly 200 data scientists, engineers and other specialists focused on AI. Working hand in hand with Google Cloud’s team has been a critical component to the success of the collaboration. CareerBuilder is pairing its technology and deep expertise in the human capital space with Google Cloud’s machine learning technology to change the consumer job search experience.

“CareerBuilder is investing heavily in artificial intelligence and machine learning across all of our products, and our collaboration with Google Cloud is part of that investment,” said Humair Ghauri, Chief Product Officer of CareerBuilder. “We are fully integrated with Google Cloud Job Discovery and are leveraging them on the backend to differentiate the experience employers and job seekers have with us. CareerBuilder offers end-to-end solutions for the entire hiring process and collaborating with Google frees up our time and engineering resources to explore other exciting things we want to do.”

Last year, CareerBuilder announced that it was joining forces with Google to help power a new feature in Search that aggregates millions of jobs from job boards, career sites, social networks and other sources. Today, CareerBuilder stands as one of Google’s biggest suppliers of jobs content.