Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

3R and The Recruitment Network join forces

A new start-up programme that supports recruitment entrepreneurs in launching and scaling multi-million-pound agencies

3R and The Recruitment Network (TRN) have joined forces to launch ‘The Start-up Accelerator Programme’, a unique combination of technology, infrastructure, training and business strategy to propel new recruitment businesses to success and quick growth.

3R have supported 100s of recruitment start-ups, which have developed into fast growing, profitable businesses, with 3R’s systems and back-office remaining at the heart of, what are in many cases, now £multi-million businesses.

After discussions with James Osborne, Chairman of The Recruitment Network, at the 2022 Recruitment Expo, it was clear that the ethos and vision of the role both businesses play in the recruitment industry was well aligned.

As Kim De’ath, Director of Client Services at 3R says, “It was a no brainer for us, strengthening our start-up offering with the option of support, training and mentorship from TRN would undoubtably improve the performance of our clients.”

During 2022, The Accelerator Programme took shape, with the exclusive recruitment start-up training modules being developed in partnership. Having launched in late December, 2023 is already showing great interest in The Accelerator Programme, not only from recruiters looking to start-up but those recruitment businesses in their infancy, all looking to benefit.

James Osborne, Founder of The Recruitment Network says, “TRN enable recruitment businesses to maximise their performance, profitability and productivity and the Accelerator programme in partnership with 3R creates the perfect ecosystem to make that happen for those in the early part of their journey.”

The depth of recruitment specific knowledge, experience, technology, tools and content offered by this partnership supports recruitment entrepreneurs to maximise profit and growth potential quicker than ever.

3R have an exceptional track record of helping build successful, efficient, compliant, and high-tech recruitment companies. The partnership with TRN provides an additional boost for ambitious recruitment start-ups to achieve their most optimistic goals,” said Kim De’ath.

In a resilient recruitment industry, uncertainty is not a deterrent of growth. With the rise of recruitment start-ups during the covid period (notably within niche and emerging sectors), and continuous YoY growth for existing businesses, this is a new and exciting partnership for ambitious recruitment entrepreneurs to take full advantage of, so they can be the success stories of the future.

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