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The Adecco Group response to the Matthew Taylor Review

Chris Moore, President of Group Operations at The Adecco Group UK & Ireland, commented:

“Today’s review is a promising step from the Government to start closing loopholes and protecting workers, while keeping the labour market flexible. Mr Taylor’s seven principles for more “fair and decent work” signal a move towards revised employment legislation that protects the rights of the most vulnerable in our workforce without adding unnecessary red tape. At the same time it allows workers and businesses to leverage the benefits on both sides of a flexible working environment, and we thank Mr Taylor for considering our recommendations in this area.

“As he points out, the UK’s contingent labour market remains one of the economy’s biggest assets. But to harness this we need employers to be more transparent, taking further steps to enhance the rights of self-employed workers, and ensuring security goes hand-in-hand with flexibility. Any new approach will also need to be free of party politics, and constantly reviewed to ensure that it reflects and serves modern working practices and the economy. We look forward to the consultation and the opportunity to make sure all seven principles reflect the interests of workers and UK business.”