Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Reed: With more patients opting to pay privately, businesses should offer private healthcare to attract and retain staff

Claire Harvey, Managing Director of UK Network at Reed, says:

“Attracting talent is a real challenge for businesses at the moment, with demand far outstripping available talent. The news that record-breaking numbers of people are turning to paying for private healthcare due to NHS waiting times, highlights the crisis the NHS and British people are facing.

“Now, more than ever, businesses should carefully consider private healthcare cover as a package benefit - not only to ease the potential financial burden on their staff who may be facing large hospital bills if they choose to go private to avoid further delay, but also to attract talent in a candidate-short market. Research conducted by Reed found that more than half of people would rank health insurance in their top five most desired benefits.

“People faced with long wait times for conditions that have a significant impact on their day-to-day lives may find that they can’t work or carry out everyday tasks. Many people are getting loans and getting into financial difficulty to pay to be seen privately, which may well address their initial health issue, but can cause anxiety and mental health issues due to the financial pressure of repaying these loans. For businesses – who are looking to attract staff and retain the talent they already have – offering private healthcare as part of their benefits package can help with the recruitment process, but also help reduce absenteeism due to unresolved health issues.”