Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Redwigwam waives fees on flexible workers to help businesses tackle Coronavirus threat

The UK’s leading provider of flexible workers is waiving its fees to help businesses overcome challenges posed by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Redwigwam, based in Liverpool, which has over 110,000 workers on its database, is scrapping fees until further notice.

It means that companies can use the company’s online platform to find workers to carry out short-term and ad hoc jobs and only have to pay the workers for the jobs they hire them for.

Lorna Davidson, Founder and CEO of Liverpool-based Redwigwam, said: “Coronavirus is already having a massive impact on businesses across the UK and the Government has made clear that the situation will get worse over the coming weeks.

“We have an army of flexible workers across the country who are able to help meet the short-term requirements of companies whose staff have been affected by Coronavirus.

“Our workers include school leavers, university students, mums and dads at home and older people who are keen to continue working after they have retired from their full-time jobs.

“Between them, they possess the full range of skills that can be utilised by a business with a short-term requirement.

“Any business that has business continuity or productivity issues caused by the Coronavirus outbreak can tap into our network of 110,000 workers – and for the foreseeable future we are waiving the fees we would normally charge hiring companies. We also have a responsibility to keep our family of wigwammers working.

“The Government made the support of SMEs a major priority in last week’s Budget and it is vital that the business community as a whole works together to help each other get through these challenging times.”

Flexible working is becoming increasingly popular among Britons with recent figures from the Office for National Statistics highlighting that 4.9m people are taking charge of their destiny by becoming flexible workers.