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REC media comment - ONS figures on zero-hour contracts

Commenting on today’s ONS figures on zero-hour contracts, Sophie Wingfield, Head of Policy, REC said:

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“Being content at work is often about how you’re managed rather than the contract you are on. When managed well, with clear communication between worker and hirer, zero hours contracts offer people flexibility and increased choice. Many people on “zero-hours contracts” are in full-time education, the advantage of having that flexibility allows students to fit in hours around their studies. Flexible contracts also offer employers the ability to respond quickly to the fluctuating demands of the economy.

These contracts also offer a part-time option that people choose to fit around their other commitments, and data has shown that over half of employees on zero-contract hours find that it creates a positive work-life balance.  For some workers it won’t be their only job, but a way to top up with additional income and/or get experience in a new or different field.”