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IoC announces £4.8 million digital skills drive in higher education - response from CWJobs

The IoC launching a £4.8 million digital skills drive to grow tech skills in higher education sounds like a big investment according to Dominic Harvey, Director at leading tech/IT recruitment platform CWJobs.

“The most reliable strategy for ensuring growth of the tech skills pool is to invest in the next generation of workers, to better facilitate young people who are seeking a career in the technology sector. This initiative, which utilises partnerships between the industry and some of the UK’s leading universities is an important step in that direction, but we need to go further. In order for the UK to be a leader in areas like AI and data science, the government should use this momentum to replicate similar programmes in secondary education which will ensure that young people are being presented with opportunities earlier on in their academic careers and keep that talent pool full for decades to come.”