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In the Spotlight - Rob Green, Founder & Director, Rectec

Onrec sat down with Rob Green of Rectec to talk about his new innovative solution for the recruitment industry.

Onrec: What were you doing before Rectec?

RG: Prior to founding Rectec, I held a number of roles in the recruitment industry, starting out as a consultant for Reed back in 2006. I had great success in both the UK and Australia before moving on to gain experience in HR, RPO and I most recently spent over five years as Head of Services at Hireserve.

Onrec: Do you have plans to expand globally?

RG: Absolutely! Not only are Rectec innovating, but we’re partnered with a wide range of industry leading technology vendors. We recently launched our services to the UK & Ireland; however, a number of our partners operate globally, and we’ve also received interest from a number of clients overseas as far as the US and Hong Kong. We’re certainly looking to continue growing our footprint.

Onrec: What do you think will be the next big thing in online recruitment?

RG: We’ll see continued growth of video tools, as well as technologies that support remote collaboration. Over the last couple of decades recruitment has slowly digitised. Candidate expectations have shifted, review sites such as Glassdoor have forced employers to step-up their game and provide a better service for candidates and employees alike. Employer brand and EVP has also become more and more important for employers, and AI and Automation tools such as Eightfold, Candidate ID and Paiger are a few examples of the available solutions that are helping employers to keep their finger on the pulse.

Onrec: How many people do you employ?

RG: As a start-up, founded in true bootstrap fashion, we’ve strategically resourced through partnerships and freelancers to minimise exposure in the early stages. As we continue on our path of growth, we’ll add additional developers, marketeers and technical resources as we need to. I’m certainly looking forward to continued growth.

Onrec: What makes Rectec different to your competitors?

RG: Rectec are uniquely positioned. We’ve conducted an immense amount of recruitment technology market research. We’ve created a centralised database of recruitment technology information that currently holds over 85,000 pieces of information. We’ve essentially “bottled” this in conjunction with our clever technology, as a fee-free service for the recruitment industry. We’re helping organisations to make much better, more confident buying decisions through the use of a quick and easy, sophisticated online comparison and evaluation tool, with an intelligent matching algorithm at its core.

Our users can input their business requirements in as little as 15 minutes, and our tool, Rectec Compare, will instantly evaluate these requirements and compare a large number of market-leading technology solutions to match our clients to the best-fit solution. It saves enormous amounts of time and also mitigates the risk of making costly mistakes.

Onrec: If you were not working in recruitment today, what would you do?

RG: As a certified Rescue Diver and a budding pilot, I’d probably be doing something that doesn’t involve having my feet so firmly on the ground. I get a great deal of satisfaction from helping others and solving problems so I’d certainly be sniffing out some exciting challenges.

Onrec: Do you have other business interests?

RG: Aside from a few investments, my business interests all lie firmly in the recruitment industry. I’ve always been a problem solver from a very young age, which is what excited me when I first got into consulting. Listening carefully to business challenges and solving these by finding or creating the perfect solution. Back when I was a recruiter, it was all about finding the perfect candidate, when I made the move into recruitment tech over a decade ago, it became deeper and more intricate, with more technical and challenging problems to solve.

Onrec: What’s your biggest achievement?

RG: During my career I’ve been fortunate enough to travel the world, recruiting as far as Australia and completing implementation projects as far as South Korea and North America. I feel really privileged to have gained such valuable experience, and it feels like a wonderful achievement to combine all of that experience into a sophisticated technology solution that’s really making a difference for its users, like no other product in the market.

Onrec: If you could turn back the clocks, what would you change?

RG: It’s a difficult one, because I often hear our clients and our partners say “why hasn’t anyone done this sooner” when seeing Rectec Compare for the first time, so the obvious answer here would be to have developed Rectec Compare much sooner. However, it’s the years of experience and the strength of the industry relationships I’ve developed over the years that’s helped to make the tool as valuable and compelling as it is today.

Onrec: What do you enjoy outside of work?

RG: I’m not one to sit on my hands, so I like to keep myself busy. In addition to the aforementioned interest in scuba diving and flying, I love to travel and spend time with friends and family. I’ve a very supportive wife, two children and a needy feline too. I’m also very hands on when it comes to the never-ending projects around the home. All very difficult things to do during lockdown and when running a business from home. I did however, manage to complete a large home extension project while working full-time, within seven weeks of the first lockdown!

Onrec: Moving forward, what are the plans for development for Rectec?

RG: Right now, we want to spread the word about our solution, and help our industry as much as possible, by quickly comparing a wide-range technologies in a single short-session, and providing a niche evaluation tool, all packaged up as a valuable, time-saving, and fee-free service for recruiters. Users can register for exclusive access to our tool in just a couple of minutes by clicking here.

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