Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

How to attract a workforce of over 50s

By Sirsha Haldar, General Manager UK, Ireland & South Africa ADP

Finding qualified employees has become the number one issue facing employers today. Yet, despite a well-publicised global skills shortage across multiple industries, there is an untapped resource that businesses are only now becoming aware of – the over 50s.

Here are our top tips on how to attract them:

Career change programmes and skill bootcamps.

Whether you are hoping to attract workers looking to re-enter the workplace after an enforced absence, or those looking to change sectors during your twilight years, getting involved in skills bootcamps or curating your own career change programme can be invaluable. The UK Government already runs flexible skills bootcamps in digital, technical, and green skills that lasts 16 weeks and guarantee a job interview at the end of the course. Why not sign your business up as an advocate.

Update recruitment processes to suit the evolving workforce.

The wider workforce transformation brought on by the pandemic has dramatically shifted worker priorities. Businesses wanting to attract and retain top talent of all ages need to understand what makes them tick and realign their employee value proposition accordingly. A recruitment strategy that includes a thoughtful approach to pipeline building, candidate nurturing, networking and provides a continual feedback loop is increasingly essential to help organisations respond and adapt quickly as the recruitment landscape develops further.

Career guidance and support for workers who have transferable skills.

It is important that businesses widen the net. Whether a candidate has stayed in the same career field for decades or hopped around, they’ve likely developed certain transferable skills – such as strong leadership or critical thinking skills – that can be nurtured.

Offering flexible jobs and a place to work.

The toolkit to building a winning recruitment and retention strategy that will appeal to the over 50s can be put down to three things: being flexible, flexible, and flexible. Due to commitments outside of work and a general desire to ‘slow down’, the over 50s are looking for a flexible or part-time work schedule more than any other demographic. Businesses must make sure they don’t ostracise them by placing flexibility at the forefront of their job adverts and show how they can fit within their schedule.