Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Expert comment: Gender pay gap reporting deadline

Steve Wainwright, Managing Director, EMEA at Skillsoft

“The causes of the gender pay gap are complex.  It’s not simply about being a man or a woman.  The root cause of the disparity is often simply that there are a greater proportion of men than women in senior roles.  This is a key challenge that many organisations need to address.  However, tapping into this talent requires changes across the board.  This includes adapting behaviour, process and the culture within an organisation.  Companies have had some success by fostering greater senior leader accountability, by becoming less biased in decision-making processes and by changing their cultures to be more inclusive.  In reality, however, there is often a lot of talk and little action.  Ultimately, the fact that a gender pay gap still exists in 2018 is disappointing.  Progress is being made – but there’s still work to be done.” 

Please note, Skillsoft has taken the pledge for parity and provides dedicated eLearning resources to help women progress in their careers and to help employees recognise and stamp out gender bias.