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CEO of background check technology company gives cautious welcome to Home Secretary’s announcement

Luke Battah, CEO of background checking experts PASS Technology, said: “I think most employers would welcome what Mr Javid is trying to achieve

“Criminal records, and background checking in general, are a power for good as they exist to help protect society. They help organisations protect their staff, employees and their business. Background checks are not there to punish people.

“However, it is important to understand that the changes being proposed are not for the majority of criminal checks. Currently, convictions that are considered ‘spent’ do not appear on what are known as ‘basic checks’ and these ‘basic checks’ are the ones done for the vast majority of employee checks in the UK.

“Mr Javid is talking about reducing what is available on the other two types of checks; ‘standard’ and ‘enhanced’. These are checks reserved for sensitive roles such as those with children, vulnerable adults or in positions of power and authority. So, we need to be careful about how we relax these limitations.

“It is a common misconception that criminal record checks, and background checking in general, operates a pass/fail approach. In reality, the employer makes a decision based on the information the background check reveals. If something is revealed it should be a point of discussion with an employer and if it is something irrelevant or explainable it shouldn’t mean that person is not employable.”

About Luke Battah

Luke Battah is Chief Executive Officer of PASS Technology. Luke has worked in background checking and identity for over 15 years and is a respected industry thought leader.

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