Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Xactly Inspire Gets Social, Introduces New Mobile and Peer-to-Peer Coaching Features

Delivers coaching and on-boarding tools available via multiple devices and formats, with insights from peers and full integration with other Sales Performance Management solutions.

Xactly, a leading provider of cloud-based incentive solutions, is transforming the way companies create and engage world-class sales teams with the latest innovations in Xactly InspireTM software.  With new social collaboration, peer review and coaching features – accessible online or via any mobile device – sales reps get the personalised coaching they need to sell smarter and faster. Combined with the Xactly IncentTM product, Xactly Inspire allows customers to analyse the entire sales lifecycle, from on boarding to training to quota attainment and beyond, so they can continually optimise and refine their sales programs to deliver better results.

Through modern sales coaching and crowd-sourced learning, Xactly Inspire empowers companies to not only on-board faster, but also engage and educate sales reps throughout their tenure with the company. Trackable, repeatable, sales trainings and certifications ensure reps are always up to speed and mastering new material quickly. A built-in recorder allows reps to practice their ‘pitch’ directly from the app and get real-time feedback from their teammates. As such, managers can easily assess how and where a rep needs to modify their message or approach to reach their full sales potential. Throughout every stage, leaders can easily analyse and track the effectiveness of their coaching and training programs with integrated reporting of the sales performance of each rep overlaid with their training activities.

For example, a company can create and share a best practice playbook for an upcoming product launch – helping everyone get aligned quickly. From there, reps can record their practice sales pitch and get manager/peer feedback. As they move into sales mode, they can pull up Xactly Inspire software to review a refresher course, giving them advice on how to pitch to a specific audience such as sales enablement. With all this information in hand, the rep is hyped, prepared and ready to deliver a winning pitch.

“The 80/20 rule has been a foregone conclusion in sales team performance for far too long,” said Evan Ellis, president and COO of Xactly. “Improving sales coaching as a means to change this paradigm has been a vision the industry has yet to deliver on, until now. Using advanced analytics and industry best practices, Xactly Inspire helps companies close the performance gap by enabling them to easily map coaching efforts to the sales results of each rep on a single platform – from new hires to reps at the top of the leader board.”

New features in the latest release of Xactly Inspire enable customers to:

  • Onboard reps faster and move ‘B’ players to ‘A’ players through better coaching
  • Provide managers with a consistent approach for one-on-one meetings
  • Leverage top performers to help train the larger team with social and peer-to-peer coaching
  • Customise playbooks for each role, while maintaining one message across the sales organisation
  • Make sure reps are continually adjusting their sales strategy with new competitive intelligence, product updates, and messaging changes