Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

With So Many Unemployed, Why Can't Companies Find New Hires?

The job market's doors are open just waiting to fill over eight million jobs. The problem is that people aren't walking through those doors. Millions of companies are left struggling as they cannot find enough qualified workers to fill critical positions.

Potential Causes

Though no one can say definitively what is causing these hiring difficulties, several potential causes have been discussed. 

Increase in Benefits

It’s been suggested that people might not be in a hurry to get back to work thanks to the $1.9 trillion relief package that included boosting unemployment benefits by $300. This boost would bring in more of a paycheck for those that only make $15 an hour or less. With almost half of those receiving unemployment benefits making more money than they were at their previous job, that doesn't leave many excited to step back into the workforce.

Closed School & Daycare

However, there are those that say the lack of willing workers isn't about having too much government aid. They argue it has more to do with the closed daycares and schools. With daycares and schools closed across large swaths of the country, many parents need to stay home with their kids even if they are willing and able to go back to work.

The big picture is that there is a serious demand for services and goods. Workers are needed to step into these roles, and quickly. With many daycare centers, nursing homes, and schools not fully open, many simply do not have the time to go back to full-time employment. Millions of caregivers are still homeschooling their children or taking care of elderly parents. 

The Road to Recovery

Whatever the reason, people aren't stepping through the doors into new jobs, but rising vaccinations and falling cases of the coronavirus are beginning to change things. Governments have been able to ease restrictions for many businesses and schools. People are exceptionally eager to go into public again and mingle with friends. However, the upcoming increase in demand means companies need more workers to accommodate these changes.

Recovery Will Take Time

Last year in the midst of the pandemic furloughs and layoffs were almost normal for most companies. Now, these companies are begging for workers. Separations between businesses and their workers are at their lowest level in about six months.

The economy isn't bouncing back suddenly. It's going to take a while. Eight million jobs that were in place before the coronavirus pandemic hit are gone. People aren't jumping back into those chairs. The longer it takes, the more the economy will feel it. The demand for employees is at an all-time high to get the economy back on track.

Changing the Pandemic Mindset

It's tough for people to let go of fear. Vaccinations are changing the way people view the world, but they aren't the end of the pandemic as a whole. There will still be people that are not vaccinated. There will still be doubt in the back of people's minds. Millions of people have been under such stress that they didn't know where to turn. Millions lost their jobs leaving them to try to start from the bottom. These people might be scared to death to join the professional world again.

How to Find New Hires

Employers can try a few things to bring in new hires. Many people want to work from home so they can be near family without the fear of going into an office that could be contaminated. If you're hiring for a position that can be done remotely, spell it out for potential hires. Make it known.

Not all jobs can be done from home. If this is your company, go the extra mile to bring comfort to your potential hires. Show them what to expect in your office. Help them feel safe by explaining the ways you've stepped up the game. Talk to them about their fears. Millions of people are afraid to walk back into a place where they've been told for a year could kill them. People want to feel in control. Help by listening to them.

Recruiter Marketplace

Many companies are turning to a new form of employee/employer connection: the recruiter marketplace. A recruiter marketplace is a simplified and streamlined way to find top candidates in one, online place. This type of marketplace stores resumes and skills of potential prospects while also allowing employers to search through a larger global talent pool with various degrees of experience and expertise. This makes the hiring and vetting process much easier than sifting through thousands of paper resumes. Professionals can sort through potential candidates filtering them by education and experience in a few clicks. They can reach out directly to speed up the process. This type of recruiting relies on technology rather than taking weeks to read resumes.

The professional world is a different one now. Embrace this thought as a company. Hire with a new frame of mind. Have a sense of compassion as everyone you're interviewing has been through this tough time in history. The little details will mean big things for your company. People want a connection as they step back into the workforce.

As the professional world continues to open, the government must work with potential employees to fill these positions. People want jobs that are secure and help them thrive. The working world might look a little different than it did a few years ago. The trick is figuring out how to fill millions of jobs when millions of people are still getting back on their feet.