Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Wideyes Expansion Into Europe - 03/2000

Continued from Headline News

Wideyes is launching in France and the UK. By the end of the year, Wideyes intends to have a physical presence in 15 European countries, offering candidates and employers both local and global reach. Krister Hanner, co-founder and Vice Chairman of Wideyes, is confident of the company's prospects. This is a very exciting time for the recruitment market with more and more people going on-line in search of jobs. However, candidates want quality jobs, and the fact that we gained 40% of the Swedish market within 40 days emphasises that we have the right formula for the e-Talent generation.

He continued: It is a simple case of `supply and demand' - there are too many companies searching for the same gifted individuals. This has opened new opportunities to prospective employees, empowering them with choices beyond traditional benefits such as a good salary, car and bonus scheme. Wideyes has realised that these e-Talent candidates want more and that traditional recruitment techniques will no longer work - hence the dawn of the third generation of recruitment.

Jonas Granstrom, CEO of Wideyes, explains: Finding the right job now is no longer about who pays the most or which company looks best on your CV - candidates want a job that will enable them to fulfil their aspirations. It could be said that material rewards are not enough, emotional rewards are equally as important.

Consequently, one of the most significant differentiators is Wideyes' partnership with SHL, the world's leading developer of psychometric testing software. It will offer candidates the opportunity to create their emotional intelligence profile, which many industry commentators are suggesting, is more closely linked with success, than IQ.