Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Why Now Might Be the Time to Create the Perfect WFH Space

Working from home has been a real possibility for many people for some time, but it seems like developments across the last few months have really put a spotlight on how effective it can be.

While some employers in the past may have perhaps been unsure about staff taking the step, the findings of a new study are just the latest evidence that many may be warming to the concept.

A positive impact

HRNews recently reported on the results of a survey undertaken by Sapio Research and Skout, which found that more than a third of companies now believe working from home has had a positive impact on the productivity of their employees.

The study also found that 35 percent of businesses have boosted their investment in remote working technology, while one in six have downsized some business operations including expenditure on premises space. Seven out of ten respondents added that they believe the move may have boosted relationships with clients, supply chains and even competitors.

Such statistics suggest that home working may be on its way to becoming the norm in a number of areas. So, if you work in a sector that has embraced it and are still using a temporary set-up at home, could it be time to make the switch to a more permanent arrangement?

Making the change

Taking the step may be useful as you look to develop a healthy work-life balance at home, while there is perhaps an argument that it may stand you in good stead in a recruitment sense too. For instance, recruiters or potential employers offering remote working roles may be interested to know that you have a ready-made, fully functional office space in your property.

But just how could you go about swapping the kitchen table for a more permanent work location in your house? Spare bedrooms can prove useful in that regard, but another option could be to explore the possibility of a small extension. The latter could be ideal if you have savings in the bank, although there are other options worth exploring as well. For instance, as mortgage adviser Trussle outlines on its site, you could potentially remortgage in order to fund such a project. However, you should also bear in mind that you may need to consider other issues as well, including whether you might need planning permission to make the change.

Once you have the space that you intend to transform into an office, you will then want to ensure it is properly equipped. This will no doubt mean getting a desk, chair and other office furniture, while it may also be worthwhile getting cabinets or shelving for storage too.

The new norm?

It is a fascinating time in the business world at the moment, with the potential benefits of remote working being highlighted by events in recent months.

There is a real sense that working from home could become the norm for many people in the coming years, so taking the step of creating a proper workspace now could prove very useful in the future.