Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Why General Liability Insurance is a Good Investment

You should always be thinking of ways to protect your business.

You put locks on the doors and passwords on your data. However, insurance is just as important for keeping your business safe. There are several types of insurance that you should have for your business, and one of the most important is general liability insurance. There’s a very good chance that your business, no matter what size it is, will be involved with litigation at some point. Here’s how general liability will help, and why it’s an important investment for you to make. 

You Are Vulnerable

You can put all of the measures in place you can possibly think of to keep your business or workplace safe. However, that does not mean you aren’t vulnerable to lawsuits. People can get hurt in any number of ways, and even if it’s not your fault, the last thing you want is to be caught up in the court system. Lawsuits can sometimes last for years at a time, and all the while you are paying for lawyers and legal fees. In the end, you may not win, despite all of your precautions. General liability insurance can protect you from lawsuits and their repercussions. 

It Helps Protect Your Reputation

If you seem to have to defend your business against claims and litigation on a regular basis, then you will gain a negative reputation. This can affect recruiting of staff, and can even affect your sales. When you have insurance, you can respond quickly to the needs of those who are injured or affected by a given incident. You can make sure that they are protected, while at the same time protecting your business. Your operations will not be affected by long-term litigation or a loss of operating funds, and your reputation will remain intact. 

Nobody is Perfect

Let’s face it. Nobody is perfect, and everybody makes mistakes. The same goes for your business. However, if you or one of your staff makes a mistake, it can have potentially dire consequences. Something as simple as using too much water on a mop can result in injuries, medical bills, and pain and suffering. However, there’s no reason that your business should be harmed or even shut down over a mistake like this. With liability insurance, your business can withstand mistakes, while also making sure that any injured parties are protected as well. Truly, the biggest mistake would be not investing in general liability insurance in the first place. 

Besides injury, there are other claims that could come against you that you are not anticipating. These include things like copyright infringement and false advertising, for example. Your business deserves to be kept safe from whatever might come your way that could harm it. With the right insurance, you can do just that. General liability insurance is flexible, and will cover you against many different eventualities that could cause you and your business undue stress and hardship. Keep yourself, your clients, your staff, and anyone else your business comes into contact with protected and safe.