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Why Are More People than Ever Working in iGaming?

The economic and social benefits of the casino industry offer increased tax revenues, more job opportunities, and a significantly higher standard of community entertainment.

Arguably close to the top of its lengthy list of benefits, one of the top advantages the casino industry offers are its negative effect on the unemployment rate. The debate arguing that online gaming increases societal problems is quickly laid to rest once facts verify that unemployment is currently the largest social ill, and for many, it seems to be inconceivable that the never-ending growth of online gaming provides governments with an easy, cost effective, fix.  

iGaming Careers Instead of Employment

Land-based casinos are not in a position to offer the same as they did decades ago, in New Zealand these are far from what once were dark, smoke-hazed rooms with slots. Top casinos now offer a social environment with top-notch restaurants, recreational activities, shops, luxury lodging with on-par amenities and services, plus top-quality entertainment. The number of people employed by New Zealand’s casino industry increased markedly from 2000 to 2022, at land-based casinos the number rose from 4,000 to well over 6,000. However, these figures do not fully reflect the industry’s full impact since there are no confirmed figures for the number of remote or online casino employees.  

Employing locally and offering competitive benefits and salaries are only two facets of this complex equation. Moreover, casinos are committed to employing a richly diverse family of people, who on average earn well-above average incomes. Most importantly, the iGaming industry not only offers jobs but commonly has a significant impact on their long-term careers due to a significant increase in employee skills and skill levels.  

It is also noteworthy that casinos and online casinos NZ consistently garner the highest percentage of employee satisfaction ratings.  

Top 5 Skill-Improving iGaming Careers in New Zealand

The top 5 casino careers we’ve reviewed are analyzed according to employment availability, high-income opportunities, training, and job satisfaction. Here are some of the details regarding what the top careers entail and what to expect from each. 

1. Customer Support Agents

The training of customer support agents is one of the most valuable investments both online and land-based casinos make. The training courses at casinos for successful applicants in New Zealand are invaluable and the start of a lifelong career in or out of the iGaming industry. Support agents need to be efficient in communication and interaction, create positive and long-lasting impressions, and have a reasonably good understanding of solving technical issues.  

Whether employed at a local casino or one of the international online casinos, customer support agents enjoy all-round training and need to have a good understanding of all facets of the industry. This includes registering a new account, legal online gaming age, and depositing methods, to games availability, promotions, rewards systems, and responsible gambling.

The success of the casino depends on how knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful each support agent is, these employees are almost always the first most players get in contact with. It is the face of the casino and career advancements are limitless. 

2.Casino Dealers/Croupiers

Successful casino dealers or croupiers are tactful, polite, friendly, and have the confidence to work in front of a player audience. Most importantly this career is perfect for anyone with the ability to keep up accuracy and concentration throughout their shift. A go-getter with the ability to make quick mental calculations in a busy and noisy environment.  

The arrival of online casinos hugely expanded the career opportunities for croupiers, and most dealers dream of becoming highly popular and in-demand online live dealer hosts. Having both the personality and experience places casino dealers in a perfect position to enjoy a brilliant package and endless career advancements from land-based to international live baccarat, live blackjack, live roulette, or live poker croupier status.  

3. Card Room Managers

Card room managers direct and manage the daily activities and respond to questionable activities of customers or employees by taking the appropriate actions to correct such situations. It’s an honourable career requiring the manager to maintain the security and integrity of all monies, games, and personnel.  

It is the perfect opportunity for leaders to enter first-level management and the experience obtained includes ensuring department and projected milestone goals are met while adhering to approved and allocated budgets. It is a demanding and responsible career requiring extensive knowledge of casino processes and is most suited to individuals with at least 3 years of supervisory or 5 years of hands-on experience.  

4. Marketing Manager

It is the most sought-after position, the career most strive to land after focusing on excelling in every career advancement. Applying right out for such a position at a local casino or an online casino could require a bachelor’s degree in communication or marketing. High-level positions could require several years of experience and a master’s degree.  

It is a physically and mentally challenging career with exceptional rewards and includes managing promotions, social events, sales and creating incentives. Responsibilities include achieving revenue, market share, and profitability goals.  

It is the perfect career for masterminds who thrive on challenges including 100% understanding player desires, producing monthly, quarterly, and annual marketing budget reports, and overseeing and supervising casino staff. Tasks also include taking care of serious player complaints, promoting great member services, and handling any problems.

5. Casino Fraud Manager

A career as a risk and fraud analyst answering all fraud and risk questions in terms of suspicious activity of internal departments and betting concerning activities. It is the career for someone who knows the casino industry inside out and can oppose or avoid any high-risk scenarios via analyzing and specifying internal risk and control management techniques.  

It’s a career most suited to an expert in analyzing and monitoring betting habits and identifying fraud rings and potential bonus hunters. An expert in determining vulnerabilities and weaknesses in operational and internal procedures. A highly responsible task that involves evaluating and investing in the integrity of procedures, compliance and equipment used in live casino studios. A researcher makes it his or her business to research and take steps concerning the latest fraud or casino threats. A regulations and legislation guru with exceptional investigation and analytical skills, outstanding communication skills, and punctuality. 

Conclusion Thoughts on New Zealand Casino Careers

Casino employment in New Zealand ranges from starting a career in the land-based casino and online casino industry to some of the higher career paths perfect for experts. The iGaming industry is continuously praised for the number of opportunities it offers, although it should be praised for presenting experts in New Zealand with the most promising futures, huge career growth, exceptional benefits, and phenomenal benefits and incomes.  


Q: At what age can New Zealanders apply for table game dealer job opportunities? 
A: To become a dealer at a casino, Kiwis need to be over the age of 20 years old and will need to undergo and pass a police background check.  

Q: What are the requirements for New Zealanders employed in the casino industry? 
A: All persons employed by a casino regardless of their capacity, must hold a Certificate of Approval according to the iGaming Act 2003. A system designed to ensure and assure the integrity of all casino employees.  

Q: What do casino employees earn on average in New Zealand?
A: The remuneration packages hugely vary depending on the casino location, although the average base salary for a customer support agent in Auckland is around NZ$68,000 per year. Online casino marketing manager salaries range from $99,000 to $125,676, and online casino dealers earn from $50,000 to $100,000.  

Q: How do casino employees rate the working conditions at New Zealand casinos?
A: Even with casino careers requiring non-traditional hours, including holidays, weekends, and nights, 75% of employees were extremely positive and 25% had constructive reviews encouraging casinos to improve the employment culture.  

Q: Are there any careers available for Kiwis in the casino industry?
A: There are plenty of openings available to Kiwis at top recruitment agencies, including entry-level opportunities for security officers with a starting rate of $26.60 per hour plus fantastic benefits.