Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Who wants to be a Millennialaire? 5 Top Tips!

Millennials are quickly becoming the largest generation in the workforce and although they are seen to be extremely innovative, creative and tech savvy they do also have a reputation of being demanding. So the million dollar question is, “How do I manage and retain my millennial workforce?”

Here are five top tips on how to keep them happy:

Tip 1: Make Work Flexible

The lines between work and play are becoming more and more blurred. Millennials aren’t afraid to work hard, however they are used to packing their lives with many activities. Try and give them flexibility to operate around both their work and personal commitments. Millennials don’t want to work in fixed conditions so allow them their freedom if you want them to stick around and stay motivated. 

Tip 2: Give Purpose 

Millennials want careers not jobs, show them their opinion matters, and give them purpose in their role. This is the generation that have allied themselves with corporations such as Apple, which is more commonly seen as a movement rather than a business. Take the time to explain the vision you have for the business and how they can contribute to it. 

Tip 3: Use Their Skills 

Millennials have the ability to communicate and solve problems quickly and efficiently through the medium of technology, use this skill, throw your millennial into the deep end and see how quickly they adapt.

Tip 4: Let Them Have Fun  

Growing up in a tech revolution millennials have had the world available at their fingertips from an early age and therefore means they can be easily distracted. Keep them engaged, make work an enjoyable place, there is a reason why companies such as Google and Facebook get so many applications, because they appear to be “fun” places to work. 

Tip 5: Build a Relationship 

A Deloitte study into managing millennials showed the majority of them already have one foot out the door; the study found that two-thirds of them express a desire to leave their organisation by 2020. Is this a result of neglect? If so, what can be done to resolve it? 

Invest in millennials’ personal development, instead of sending them on long arduous training courses, give them your time, provide constructive feedback through a few brief meetings a week, this will make your millennials feel valued.

Realistically it is impossible to accurately categorise such a large number of individuals by a name and set of characteristics. We have to understand that all millennials are unique, so use these tips to help get a better understanding of how this generation works and in the process create a happier working environment for them.