Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Where in Norfolk are People Visiting in 2022?

There are more and more people who want to go and see what Britain has to offer, whether it is locals hoping to go on a bit of a staycation or someone from overseas trying to see what the country has to offer outside of major cities

For these groups, the amazing area of Norfolk in East Anglia is incredibly attractive thanks to its rural farmland, which is loved by tourists and locals alike. People tend to be attracted to the area thanks to the local pubs, fun beaches, waterways, country towns, and windmills.

The fabulous heritage of the town brings in people from everywhere. Of course, knowing you want to visit and then knowing where to visit when you get here are two very different things. This article is going to break down what some of the most visited places people are flocking to in Norfolk are in 2022.


In the summertime, what could possibly be better than visiting the seaside? Whether you are looking for the quintessentially British pebble beaches, the delicious fish and chips, or the amusements, there is plenty for you to do in Hunstanton. The amusements are a particular highlight as, thanks to the array of games, they are appropriate for both adults and children alike. Children are able to try their luck on the classic grabber games, while on the other hand, adults can head over to the slots. If you want a bit of practice before heading out to the slot machines, then be sure to visit some online casinos which will have plenty of variety available to you when it comes to the likes of slots, poker, and roulette.


One of the most popular tourist destinations in Norwich is the cathedral, which is an absolute wonder. It comes in a normal style and is decked out with cream-coloured limestone, the likes of which were brought over to the city all the way from Caen. You won’t be seeing the completely original design when you visit the cathedral, as there were some gothic changes and extensions that were made centuries after its original erection. You could also visit the Norwich Museum, where you will be able to learn all about the ancient Queen Boudica.

King’s Lynn

If you go all the way back to medieval times, then you will discover that King’s Lynn was one of the most important and busy ports in all of England. It was known for trading with both the Low Countries (specifically the Hanseatic League) and the Baltic. When you visit, you will be met with a plethora of old buildings which date back to the period when the town was so famous for its trading. You can also head over to the Great River Ouse, which has a quay, on which you will find a massive range of Hanseatic warehouses. All of these buildings tend to have exposed timbers, and when you have a look around, it isn’t hard to get swept up in the excitement of all of the history that has happened here over the years.