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What You Should Know About Submitting a Singapore PR Application

Singapore is the business hub of Asia. This tiny city-state located off the coast of the Malayan peninsula with a very high human development index is regarded as one of the most developed nations around the world.

With a warm climate around the year, a world-class infrastructure in place, and the availability of all modern amenities, it is not a surprise that Singapore has become the preferred destination for those looking for a place to settle down. There is indeed tough competition among those applying for the status of a permanent resident in Singapore. This article aims to be a guide on what you should know about submitting a Singapore PR application.

What Does it Mean to be an SPR?

The status of Permanent Resident is considered as a stepping stone to citizenship of Singapore. As a PR, you enjoy all the rights available to the citizens except the right to vote in elections and the right to stand for public office. You would love to live in Singapore as you enjoy a world-class healthcare system, the highest quality education for your kids, and a safe and friendly environment to live and work with your family. If you are desirous of moving to Singapore but know nothing, this immigration consultancy can advise you on permanent residence matters. Apply for the status of PR and easily realize your dream of living in Singapore.

Different Ways of Applying for PR Status

You can gain entry into Singapore as a PR through one of these three schemes.

  • PTS Scheme- PTS means Professional, Technical Personnel, and Skilled Workers Scheme
  • GIP Scheme - Global Investor Program scheme
  • ForArts- You should be a renowned artist having contributed to the culture of Singapore to become a PR under ForArts (Foreign Artistic Talent scheme).

If you are not a famous artist and you do not have millions of dollars to invest, the best option for you is to submit an application under the PTS scheme. According to a rough estimate, more than 95% of the individuals who get PR status to live and work in Singapore gain entry through the PTS scheme.

How to Apply for PR Status in Singapore

The agency deciding on the applications of individuals desirous of a PR status is Immigrants and Checkpoint Authority (ICA). You need to be a holder of an employment pass if you are applying for PR status as a skilled worker or a professional under the PTS scheme. ICA also looks at the age and profile of the applicant, his profession, his economic contribution to the economy of Singapore, and the length of stay in Singapore. You can download the form from the website of ICA and apply online.

ICA takes 6-12 months to process the application. The long time taken is a reflection of the large number of applications the agency receives from desirous applicants. If your application for SPR gets rejected, you have to wait for one year before you can apply again. It is this reason why you should get expert advice and help when applying for the status of PR in Singapore.