Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

What Will The Most Desired Workplace Perks Be In 2020?

Free food and flexible hours don’t cut it any more. Workplace perks have become a defining factor in why staff choose one job over another, and employers have had to get more creative to keep the best talent.

We’ve seen some unique additions to offices in recent years (giant slides anyone?), and a new year is sure to bring even more amazing and questionable decisions to help make staff feel appreciated. Here are some predictions as to what will be the most desired workplace perks in 2020.

Fuel Cards

Fuel cards might not be the first thing that come to mind when you think of work perks, but it’s a lifesaver for anyone who drives a lot of their work.

For sales reps and delivery drivers for example, driving takes up a huge portion of time in a number of sectors. Fuel card companies such as icompario produce cards used exclusively to pay for fuel and fuel-related products.

This eliminates the hassle of having to claim expenses after each journey, and saves working through a pile of receipts. Work vehicles are also frequently targeted for break-ins, with thieves looking for cash used to cover fuel costs.

Having a fuel card means employees no longer have to worry about this. Perks and going to become more workplace specific in 2020, and fuel cards are just the first step.


Modern families tend to see two working parents, with one working at least part-time. This creates an issue for couples who either already have young children or are thinking of starting a family.

Finding safe and convenient childcare can be difficult, and that’s before you factor in the cost. For a parent working full time in the UK the average cost of childcare is £242 per week. In 2020, expect to see lots of companies offering to help cover the cost of childcare or installing on-site nurseries.

This perk appeals not only to existing parents, but young staff thinking of starting a family who don’t want to see their careers stall.

Pet Friendly

Is there anything more likely to perk up an office than a visit from a furry friend? This perk isn’t just about letting everyone take some pictures with a dog for 20 minutes, it’s about offering peace of mind.

Like childcare, making sure that their pets are properly taken care of is important to young workers. They want to know they’re being watched when they’re at work and covered when illness strikes. Health insurance for pets is a growing perk in many industries, with some even offering time off for staff adopting animals.

Offices becoming more pet-friendly is no new thing, but expect to see pup-perks surge in popularity in 2020.

Mental Health Care

Increased awareness surrounding mental health conditions have made how employers prepare for and deal with them a hot topic. Healthcare benefits such as free eye tests are already common.

For many, coverage for mental health conditions shouldn’t be any different. Free workplace counselling is already a widely requested perk, offering staff the chance to speak to a professional either at their place of work or at the cost of their employer. As awareness grows this will become a more requested perk, especially for office staff.


Commuting has become a huge part of the working experience, and with slow-moving roads and packed trains it’s easy to see how this can become a problem for employers.

Recent studies suggest workers in the UK will spend an average of 400 days of their life commuting. To have happy and motivated staff employers need to offer perks related to travel to and from work.

Some high profile companies have already started covering commuting costs or providing their own company transport. Commuting is the first thing your staff do every day, so adding a little perk to it can improve their lifestyle significantly.

Person Specific Perks

One way for businesses to show their staff they really appreciate them is to offer perks related to their own hobbies and interests. Bacon sandwich Fridays are a great idea, unless your vegan.

Staff appreciate general perks, but knowing their interests are taken into consideration by the company make them feel much more comfortable and able to do their best work.

Consider sitting down with your staff in the new year and seeing if perks related to travelling, charity work or creative classes interest them.

There have been hits and misses in creative perks in the last few years, but they’re more of an essential consideration for staff than ever before. In 2020 employees will be looking for something unique to their needs that makes them feel valued in their workplace.