Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

What proxies are used for

Sometimes you may encounter difficulties while having an online business or working for a company.

The Internet is not free and independent all the time. Some business owners (or the government) restrict access to their websites to visitors from other countries. Even your internet provider can do so as well. Just to bypass the block and keep working, you will have to use a proxy. 

Here, we can show you some possible situations where you will need a proxy:

  • If you are an HR who is willing to hire employees from abroad, you will need to search for their contact information on different websites. You will need a proxy server to get in touch with your potential job candidates.  
  • If your company has a brunch website somewhere abroad, and you are in charge of the working process organization, you will need a proxy server for the same reason. 
  • With the same tool (proxy) there is also a possibility to create your own server and forbid some entertaining websites to your employees for better productivity.
  • You can use proxy in marketing, performing SEO research, or affiliate testing.
  • You can secure your original IP from cyberattacks (if not, delay them). 

If you want to get a residential proxy Brazil, we will tell you where to find them.

Choosing the right proxy provider – is it complicated?

There are plenty of proxy providers on the market, but some of those are treating their clients in not the most honest way. There are some rules on how to identify whether a certain proxy provider is worth your attention:

  • For how long has this company been running? If a proxy provider started their business yesterday, then there is a chance to get scammed. Not all the time, every company started building itself from scraps. But do you need to take such a risk? The choice is yours. 
  • Read some reviews about the chosen company and see whether the information from the promo material correlates with users' experience. If not, well, you already know what to do.
  • Look at the services and pricing plans that they offer. Cannot find the price list? Then something is not very honest about this proxy provider. 

You can try to do such research by clicking on the link at the beginning of the article. 

What is SOAX

It is a proxy provider which offers you four pricing plans, both for WI-FI and mobile. They claim to provide their users with 100% anonymity using whitelist IPs only. This means that you won’t have to overcome Google's captcha or penalties. There is no restriction on the number of proxies you are willing to use. You can find comments about this company on Trustpilot (it has a rating of 4.8 there) or any other resources. You can use proxy servers from more than 10 countries. Each country has an average of 300-600 IP addresses. If something is not clear, feel free to ask technical support about related matters.