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What Does Being Wealthy Mean? 8 Ways to Describe Wealth

Being wealthy is not about owning multiple luxurious cars, houses, or big companies. Even though these elements make up part of wealth, wealth has a definition. How you define wealth and your perspective impact your financial ambitions and decisions.

Someone may define wealth as property, richness, cash, net worth, etc. However, wealth has a deeper meaning. The following are different ways you can express wealth.

Net Worth

The most popular way of defining wealth is through net worth. Celebrities and their prominent people are measured in value using their net worth. The Prillionaires net worth tracker helps get the total of the assets minus liabilities. Therefore, if you want to know how wealthy you are, tracking your net worth can help.


Some people don’t think they are wealthy because they have worked for their money. Most of the time, inheritance is considered as wealth. Wealth seems to be a lifestyle and assets inherited. However, some of the wealthiest people in the world are self-made. That does not mean getting an inheritance does not make you rich.

Higher Income than Expenses

Another person may define wealth as having an income higher than expenses. That means one can do what they wish without worrying about money, including funding their retirement plan. Therefore, if you want to know your wealth, assess your expenses about your income. If you have higher expenses, consider ways to save to cover the costs.

Financial Freedom

Wealth also means financial freedom. It means you can afford the things you want, even in retirement. Financial freedom means covering essential needs and freely enjoying doing things. So, learn how to attain financial freedom to be considered wealthy.


Some people define wealth as affording to cater to everything you could want but not bothered to get it. It is having enough to travel, care for your children, and live your life. Some people have a lot of money stored in banks but do not spend it. To them, this is being wealthy.

Estate Value

As mentioned, net worth is the standard parameter used to measure wealth. A Prillionaires net worth tracker makes tracking the amount of assets accumulated versus the liabilities manageable. You can calculate your estate value to know if you are wealthy.

Financial Security

Financial security is also used to define wealth. It does not come with a number but focuses on protecting your money from risks. Financial security is personal. That means you have your definition of wealth if you can pledge ample income for the future to cover a wide range of expenses.

Early Retirement

Wealth can also be measured by when a person retires. Some people love working for more than money. Early retirement is considered wealth since the retiree is perceived to have saved enough for the rest of their life. Today, some people are retiring at 20 and 30 to have more time to enjoy their wealth.

Key Takeaways

These are different ways people define wealth. It is essential to have a working financial plan that you are confident will help you reach your goals. A plan can help you feel wealthy and maintain healthy spending habits for better investing and saving.