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What are the teacher resignation deadlines for Summer 2024?

Within the Education sector, notice periods are typically longer than in other job markets.

Even though there is more than a full term left of the current academic year, recruitment in schools should already be gearing towards 2024-25. Here’s everything you need to know about resignation deadlines for staff in the Education Sector.

The minimum amount of notice required to give in schools differs depending on the role. If you are in an HR or recruitment position, knowing these key dates can help you ensure you advertise your role when there are likely to be more quality candidates searching for a new position.

Likewise, leaving your job advertising until the last minute could mean missing out on the best quality talent.

Teachers’ resignation dates.

Teachers wishing to leave their current role need to give a half-term notice (as outlined in the Burgundy Book).

To leave their post in the summer holidays 2024, a teacher would need to resign no later than 31st May 2024 (the final day of the May half term).

Headteachers’ resignation dates.

The notice period for headteacher resignations is a minimum of three months, and four months in the summer term (in accordance with the Burgundy Book).

To leave their post in the summer holidays 2024, a headteacher would need to have resigned no later than 30th April 2024.

Support staff resignation dates.

Support staff is the broad title given to all non-teaching staff, including teaching assistants, administrators, kitchen staff, IT technicians etc.

As per the Green Book, the minimum notice given for a member of support staff to terminate employment is the ordinary period, from one pay period to the next (one month).

Other important details.

The above deadlines relate to permanent members of staff in public schools.

  • Fixed-term contracts.

Should a member of staff on a fixed-term contract wish to end their contract early, a notice period of one week must be given to the employer.

  • Early Careers Teachers (ECTs).

ECTs who have just qualified also won’t have to worry about those longer deadlines.

Independent schools.

Notice periods for staff in independent schools can vary from one school to another – this will be outlined in the employee’s contract.

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