Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Wave pledges to support micro businesses with its Micro Biz Bundle

It’s tough out there. Covid-19 has affected every corner of the globe and the recruitment industry has been far from immune.

Hard decisions have had to be made and redundancies have been a sad result of that. However, out of the rubble new shoots have emerged in the form of a multitude of start-ups. Wave wants to support that growth at this critical time for emerging new micro businesses with an offer exclusively for recruitment agencies of up to 6 employees - a comprehensive package we’ve named The Micro Biz Bundle.

The Micro Biz Bundle is the full package - a website, multiposter and candidate management system designed to get micro businesses up on their feet and running ASAP, saving both time and money. With limited staff resources, micro businesses will want to make sure their talented recruiters aren’t wasting countless hours on admin but are out there meeting clients and candidates and connecting talent with opportunities. This package will do just that and, importantly, with no upfront cost. We are scrapping setup fees and businesses will only start paying their all-inclusive monthly fee of £150 once their website is live.

So what do they get?

  • RecWebs website - A tailored recruitment website packed full of recruitment features and functionalities with a free 2 hour copywriting service.
  • WaveTrackR - A data-powered multiposter with in-built analytics that will recommend where to post jobs, combined with a candidate management system that allows recruiters to rank and manage candidates throughout the process.  
  • A fantastic deal - No upfront costs, just a single monthly payment of £150 once the website is live, which includes regular updates and ongoing support and training. 2 free users on WaveTrackR for a year will also be added.

Our aim is to help recruiters setting up businesses during these challenging times to not just get back in the game but to thrive and prosper and we hope to do that with our Micro Biz Bundle.

Wave is a recruitment technology provider that works with over 400 recruitment companies and analyses millions of applications each year. Through RecWebs (tailored recruitment websites), WaveMedia (recruitment media buying), and WaveTrackR (intelligent job board software tool), Wave helps recruitment companies attract the right talent to the right opportunities.