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Unveiling the Beauty of Ruby: Origins, Symbolism, and Meanings

Whenever we think of Ruby the first thing that strikes in our mind is power and royalty.

This stone has been adorned by kings and queens, warriors, and noblemen. Some legends is been building up around this precious stone and people from different cultures and races have their version of the story. But the common belief behind a ruby is that it is a symbol of virility, Strength, and protection. Due to these qualities believe by many folklores Ruby is adored by warriors and soldiers before they went to war. This stone was believed to act like a talisman and protect the warriors from harm during a war.

Origin of Ruby

This stone is recorded to be first found in Myanmar. But the existence of this stone is mentioned in earlier encryption. In the 1st century AD, a scholar from Rome first recorded the existence of this stone in his scripture. Other than that, ruby also existed in the history of ancient Egypt.

The best quality ruby jewellery is found from Hatton Gardens diamonds. The best quality stones are sourced by jewellers here to design timeless work of art which are used to make radiant cut diamond rings. Many mines producing hundreds of carats of rough ruby every year, ensure a steady supply for the jewellers. Corundum is the base mineral and is responsible for the formation of Ruby and Sapphire and a thousand of them are scattered around.

Meaning of Ruby

The meaning of the word ruby in Sanskrit is the king of precious stones this fine gem is described as a drop of blood in orient. Described a little differently in various cultures but the few common factor when it comes to understanding the true meaning of this gem is that it is a stone for the upper caste. As many cultures believe the lower caste will contaminate the stone by using or touching it.  

Symbolism of Ruby 

Ruby has a different persona in the mind of people from the start of civilization because of its appearance and color. Also Known as the Kings stone Ruby symbolizes wealth, Power, and strength. The Red color gives out a fiery glow and is also associated with life-sustaining fluid. According to popular belief, the Burmese believed ruby to be a protector. It not only looked up as a priced possession but also a talisman for the soldier. Also, the effect of this stone is more severe if it is inserted inside the flesh of the fighter. This way they gained strength and believed that they will be safe from any physical damage.

The red color of the ruby and Lab Diamonds is also believed to cure inflammation and bleeding. Wearing this stone can increase the body's warmth. Ruby also has an astrological significance in history and is believed to be good for our health, fame, relationship with authority, success, and self-confidence. The spiritual significance of this stone is equally profound as it cleanses the heart chakra and brings out spiritual wisdom. 

Ruby is so much more than just a mere stone. The stories, legends cultural, and spiritual significance makes the stone that much more enriched and a popular item of choice for women and men till date.