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UK Recruiter Newsletter Hits the 1000th Issue Landmark

What were you up to back in January 1999?

  • Celebrating the first placement of the year by ringing the “placement bell”?
  • Still getting through your alcopops stash from Christmas (no-one had heard of Dry January back then)?
  • Logging onto your AOL account to see if anyone had sent you a (text only) email?
  • Having the “Recruiter Lunch” of a bag of crisps and a diet coke – and 20 Silk Cut?

At the beginning of 1999, Louise Triance, Founder of UK Recruiter, was sending out the very first UK Recruiter Newsletter.  To an audience of twelve people!

Having left the recruitment agency where she’d started her career (doing literally every role there during her time; admin, IT, researcher, consultant and director), Louise worked with her Dad teaching recruiters how to use the internet, with the fabulously named half day course: Web for Headhunters. 

The UK Recruiter Newsletter was established to keep forward-thinking recruiters up to date with the fast paced internet world.

Early content included Website of The Week, Job Board Reviews and Internet Tips.

Over the years there have been many fabulous guest presenters who have contributed content to the newsletter.

After 14 years of producing the newsletter EVERY SINGLE WEEK, Louise finally shared the workload, and brought on board the most amazing Newsletter Editor in Alex Martin.  Alex has refreshed the weekly content, added regular items, and the newly revitalised newsletter will hit its 1000th issue on the 7th September 2021.

Each week, content is pulled from all around the world (largely focussed on the UK - given the title!) and carefully curated to meet the needs of recruiters.  This totally free resource has been an ever-present component of many recruiters’ entire careers! 

As milestones go, hitting our 1,000th issue is quite surreal, and not something we envisaged 22 years ago. The recruitment and employment landscape may have changed immeasurably since 1999, but the UK Recruiter Newsletter has always been there for UK Recruiters.

We look forward to the next milestone.

UK Recruiter