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Two out of five recruiters risk GDPR non-compliance

42% still use paper-based filing to store sensitive data

Credas, the identity verification solution, has found that 42% of those working in recruitment are compromising GDPR legislation by storing personal data in paper filing systems, with a further 20% still using spreadsheets.

Despite this, the research also found that almost a third of recruiters (31%) felt GDPR was one of the biggest concerns facing their business this year.

Rhys David, CEO of Credas said: “GDPR legislation demands that businesses hold data safely and securely, and only that which is absolutely necessary, and yet it seems that many in the recruitment industry are unclear about what is expected of them when it comes to best practice.

“When asked about the measures they have taken to ensure GDPR compliance since May 2018, some respondents listed paper-based processes such as “locked floor to ceiling cabinets”, “better use of paperwork” and “stricter filing processes” which shows that there is still a great deal of confusion around how we should be storing our data.”

The EU advises that access to personal data be limited to those involved in its processing such as Data Protection officers**, and with 82% of recruiters receiving paper copies of candidate ID documents, there is a great deal of information accessible if digital storage isn’t used.

Rhys continued: “Although GDPR felt like a looming deadline in May of last year, many argue that it came and went without impacting business in the way we expected. In fact, 28% of our respondents felt that GDPR had not impacted them at all, and yet we are now seeing more and more businesses falling prey to investigations and serious fines in light of non-compliance.

“There have been over 10,000 reports of GDPR data breaches in the UK so far***, and as businesses have now had almost a year to get their books in order there is likely to be very little leeway in avoiding a fine if they are found not to be storing data efficiently.

“In the days when ID fraud is on the increase – businesses that look after personal data need to be mindful that there are more robust storage solutions out there, and paper-based systems are no longer good enough.”

Credas provides a solution for recruitment businesses who want to carry out quick and easy identity checks, but also to store data more securely than ever before. To that end, the Credas platform can integrate with existing HR management systems - saving time on making the switch to a digital, more compliant approach to candidate onboarding.

Credas launched in May 2017 and provides a simple, smart and secure way of verifying someone’s identity using real-time facial recognition technology.

Its innovative facial recognition technology allows companies to carry out simple, slick and, most of all, compliant Right to Work and Know Your Customer (KYC) verification checks – both face to face and remotely.

The Credas app is compatible with all mobile devices (iOS and Android), ensuring that the verification process can happen swiftly, safely and at any time that’s convenient.

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*The study was conducted by OnePoll between 25th Jan and 4th Feb 2019 and polled 200 adults who make recruitment and hiring decisions.