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Top 6 high paying casino jobs

You might have heard that casino employees tend to earn little and that a big amount of their salary comes from tips. While this might be the case for some casino jobs, it certainly is not for all of them.

In casino resorts, for example, you can find numerous jobs that are not related to gambling, such as hotel manager or casino restaurant manager. But casino resorts also have a gambling venue, which means that hospitality professions like casino game manager or security manager are also available. In fact, if someone mentions a job at a casino you probably think of a croupier

If you are considering a career in the gambling industry and you are looking for high paying jobs, you have come to the right place. In the following lines you will learn which casino jobs pay big.

1. Director of Operations

This is one of the most responsible casino jobs. Directors of operations have various responsibilities within the gambling venue, some of which include managing live dealer casinos and events, such as tournaments, supervising casino personnel, overseeing casino operations, creating new business strategies, etc.

As the job of directors of operations is especially demanding when it comes to responsibilities, everyone who wants to apply for the position should have a bachelor’s degree. What is more, most venues require candidates to have some experience in the casino business (usually 10 years). According to data, directors of operations receive between $86,600 on average, but the total annual salary can exceed $150,000.

2. Shift Manager

Shift managers also have a lot of responsibilities, but those are primarily centered around the gaming floor. As a shift manager, you will have to supervise personnel on the gaming floor and make sure that everyone offers top-notch service to casino clients. What is more, shift managers interact with guests and ensure that the casino policies are complied with.

If you want to apply for the job of a casino shift manager, you should have at least three years of experience as a manager. However, not all casinos require their shift managers to have a bachelor’s degree. Nevertheless, a degree in business or hospitality will greatly increase your chances of getting the job. On average, shift managers receive roughly $50,000 a year, which, adding bonuses, can rise to more than $70,000.

3. Internal Auditor

The responsibilities of internal auditors include managing data from casino operations and checking for failures of compliance or frauds. Since auditing work continues as long as a gambling venue is opened, internal auditors may have to work weekends and night shifts.

To become an internal auditor, you must have a bachelor’s degree in finance or accounting, or another related subject. A number of operators also demand Certified Internal Auditors or Certified Public Accountants from applicants. These are qualifications, obtained after an exam is passed and a proof of employment is presented. On average, internal auditors earn $55,200 per year, but it can rise as high as $79,500 with bonuses.

4. Security Manager

As the name suggests, security managers are responsible for the security of a gaming venue. The work of security managers includes supervising security personnel, making sure that the gaming floor is safe and protecting the casino property.

A higher education degree in criminal justice of business will definitely be advantageous if you want to become a security manager. Furthermore, operators usually demand that applicants have experience in the field of security. Additionally, security managers need to have a certificate or a permit, depending on where they apply, as well as a CPR certificate for some venues.

According to statistics, security managers receive about $63,000 a year, but with bonuses their annual salary can exceed $110,000.

5. Casino Property General Manager

Generally, casino property general managers deal with everything and everyone within the casino property. As a casino property general manager, you will have to oversee all casino operations, monitor casino personnel, as well as ensure that all clients receive high quality services.

In order to apply for a casino property general manager job, you must have at least 12 years of experience in the gambling industry and some years of experience in casino management.

Casino property general managers receive about $200,000 a year. However, data shows that 25% of these professionals earns about $284,000.

6. Slot Operations Manager

Slot operations managers are responsible for all operations in the slot department. As a slot operations manager, you will be required to review slots, abide by the requirements for cash reporting, etc. In addition, slot operations managers supervise staff in the slot department.

If you want to become a slot operations manager, you must have a high school diploma as well as at least five years of experience in the sphere. Slot operations managers earn about $80,000 on average, but the top 25 per cent of slot operations managers receive more than $101,000.