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Top 5 Android applications helping students to gain better rank

In the current era, we are always surrounded by one or more digital devices around us.

Each of these devices offers a unique advantage to our learning capabilities and help us adapt to the ever changing advances around us. As a result, digital devices have occupied an indispensable place around us, helping us cope with the numerous challenges that surround us. A remarkable difference that can be manifested in the domain of professional learning and education arises due to the availability of android applications, which can help students tremendously to a large extent. Listed below are the top 5 android applications that can help students in gaining a better grade in their exams, as suggested by experts at best dissertation writing service.


This android application has been rated among one of the best applications for students in the recent times. The purpose of this app is to track the progress of the user all along the semester and sends all relevant notifications to the student in regard to progress of their curriculum. If you are looking for a mobile solution for your college life, then this is the app that you try out for your progress. You will not need to waste your time in cramming anything and instead make use of this app for managing your time efficiently. In this app, you can also enter the name of your professors and their associated contact information, which helps in easy and quick access to contacting them, when you need to. While making use of this app, you can also enter details about your priority homework assignments, and at the same time, also maintain a record of your GPA. The functionality of the app allows you to sync the details of the app with all the devices that you own, which allows easy and quick access to all the data preserved by you on your app, across multiple devices. For one semester, you can access this app for free while the cost of the app is $1.99 for unlimited use. In this manner, you will stay on top of everything related to your academics, helping you ace your exams at every stage. Experts at thesis writing service recommend the use of this app for keeping track of daily progress.


This app has been founded by a World Memory champion, and includes a range of visual graphics to help students grasp the content of a subject. The app makes use of mnemonics to convey everything from a foreign language to a periodic table. This means that students can learn their subject content even while they are on the go, and learn everything with the use of images. Students have claimed that they could learn a particular subject and the content of the subject, no matter how hard it was. Using usual routine images, the app attempts to help you learn a particular topic, step by step. The app is free for use and can be used by students on their Android supported mobile phones. Experts at academic essay writing service claim that they always suggest the use of this app to students, since they strongly believe that the use of this app can help them hold the realms of their understanding a lot stronger. We suggest that if you are in for an app that can help you memorise your course content, then this is the app that you must go for.


Did you know that flash cards are one of the best way to learn and test your understanding? Flash cards try to make use of your visual memory to help you learn a subject and recall the concepts that you might have studied in your class. With this app, you can create your very own flash cards, which will help you in the course of your learning journey. You will have the option to add images and videos to these flash cards as well, with an option to access them in a variety of ways and review them. What’s more? You can get access to the flash cards and of a number of student’s high school and college flash cards as well, which means, learning and higher scores multiplied by a number of times. By making use of this app, you will certainly improve your chances of scoring excellent grades and ranking better in exams. The use of this app is highly recommended by experts at homework essay help, where students are provided help with the use of flash cards, for better learning and understanding of their course.

Exam Countdown

Most students struggle with their deadlines, and the stress of meeting these deadlines further elongates their struggle of forgetting them or being unable to meet their commitments at the due time. Most of the times, we don’t really have a shortage of time to meet a deadline but what keeps you from achieving those deadlines is the fact that you tend to forget about those deadlines altogether, isn’t it? If you remember about those essays only a week before the final exams, how do you think you are going to manage submitting it on time and scoring a respectable grade in that essay! Making use of this app ensures that you are able to keep track of your exams and all related deadlines and meeting them at their due date. The use of this app is recommended by experts at buy assignments online australia, who feel that these apps are highly necessary to maintain a student’s schedule and help him achieve the designated targets in due time. The functionality of this app is quite wide, which means that you will be able to use it for your purpose with ease.

Google Drive

The much heard about 1android application, Google Drive, offers multiple functionalities which can be used by a student. For example, you can create sheets in Google Drive, or essay documents and much more and have them stored in one destination, without the need to access a number of platforms for accessing each of them. Since all your relevant documents are stored at one place, you will be saving a lot of our time and effort in accessing them over and again, which means that you can devote the same time and effort for studying for your exams, which might be much more necessary for you. You can access them from multiple devices, which is another added benefit of this app.

Experts at write my term paper for me, strongly suggest the use of this app for scoring better grades with all your assignments and essays.

These are just some of the apps which you can use to score better grades in your exams and reach a higher rank in your class. There are a number of other such apps which can help you attain your targets in due time, without the need to lag behind in any aspect. If scoring better grades and reaching a high spot rank in your class is your target, then these apps can certainly help you achieve your goal and reach ahead of your peers.

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