Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Top 4 Tips for Choosing Perfect Event Spaces

Any successful event is a result of meticulous planning that takes into account important details from décor and entertainment to food.

But even more crucial is the choice of the venue. No matter how much time you spend on other aspects of the event, it will all amount to nothing if you don’t take the venue into account. This should be the starting point of all your plans because venues are similar to a blank canvas that you can manipulate to make your dream come alive.

The good news is that there are plenty of event spaces for hire today that you can access for a reasonable fee regardless of the city where you are.  You can design these spaces to meet your needs and help you pull the most memorable event ever. Whether you want to host a meeting, a wedding reception, a birthday party or a conference, you’ll find the right space that you can customize to create an amazing experience. How then do you choose the right venue?

This article covers some of the crucial tips to help you find a perfect venue space.

The floor plan

When you begin your search for a perfect space to hold your event, it is important to keep in mind the floor plan you are envisioning. You should settle for a venue that offers versatility with enough spaces that allow you some form of flexibility. Some of the key things to consider are handicap accessibility as well as ease of access for bathrooms. It can be annoying when you have a lot of movement across the room during important speeches when event participants are trying to get to the bathroom or access other important amenities. This is disruptive and annoying but you can take care of such issues when selecting the venue. 

The capacity of the venue

Capacity is another key factor when selecting event venues for rent. Your goal is to find a space that can comfortably accommodate all your event participants. You don’t want to end up with a situation where participants are cramped in the room as this is not only uncomfortable but also chaotic. Today, this is not only about having a space that is big enough. Instead, you must be aware of the social distancing requirements that are a precautionary measure for the spread of Covid-19. When talking about the capacity you also need to keep in mind the capacity of amenities like the kitchen and bathroom to cater to the needs of your team. Some of the things you must keep in mind when thinking about capacity include the registration area, your preferred sitting arrangement as well as breakaway areas for networking or socializing.

Cost implication

It is easy to decide on whether a venue fits into your budget by simply looking at the combination of location, capacity and price. Even then, this may be misleading especially where there are hidden costs that you may not know about until you sign up. Therefore, you should make a point of asking venue vendors about any anticipated costs of hidden fees that may not be captured expressly on the contract. You need to find out about the use of amenities within the event space during your rental, any equipment you may be bringing, the cost of setup or breakdown just to be sure you have all rental terms clarified before you sign up.


You will do well to go for a venue that offers everything you’ll need to make your event a success in location. It is unsettling to have to move around to different sites midway through your event not just for you but also your participants. Therefore, always think of an all-inclusive event space rental where you can execute your entire program. This also ensures you get the value for your money because you won’t waste time that you would have spent on the event trying to get organized. You also need to think about where your event attendees are coming from so that you book a venue that is close to either their hotel or the airport. This will eliminate the hassle of having to navigate through various cities making it a costly affair.

Although the process of finding perfect event spaces is not easy because of the many factors that you must take into account, these tips are great pointers to help begin your search. Additionally, you also need to have a more detailed checklist to make sure you make the most of the space. Remember, no matter how good space is, it is your execution of the event that will make it a success.