Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Tips to get the recruiter's attention

While looking for a job, it will be difficult for you to get the attention of the recruiter because there will be many candidates to be scrutinized by the recruiter and you’ll be just one of them. With this being said, it is necessary for you to understand what should be done by you to get recruiters attention without irritating or frustrating them.

Check out the following tips and make the most of it before looking for a new job opportunity.

 1. Don't be dependent on your CV

Many people think that their CV will do the task for them and the personal interview begins only after the CV is scrutinized. This might be true in a few cases but then most of the cases, recruiters will be looking for starting a meaningful relationship with the candidate even before they have looked at the CV. With this being said, it is essential for you to understand how can you connect with them on a personal level and will you be in a position to give them what they want or not. For this, it will be important for you to understand the economy carefully and present yourself accordingly. A webinar is a good tool to get in front of your interviewer. WebinarCare is a site that tackles more on hosting, citing, and software solutions that can be used by professionals or individuals who engage in this kind of activity.

 2. Give them a reason to hire you

While sitting down for an interview with a recruiter, it will be important for you to be sure that you have more than one reason to be a part of the organization. Understand that the recruiter has a responsibility on their shoulders and you need to give them a strong reason to hire you. Remember that many CVs can be shortlisted by the recruiter but when they finally someone, they need to have concrete reasons to support their decision. You need to give them the reason and make sure that you’ll speak with the organization for a considerable period.

3. Share your weaknesses with the recruiter

Many candidates assume that they should hide their weaknesses from the recruiter because it can be one of the many reasons because of which the recruiter might reject them. This does not happen in every case because recruiters appreciate people who are willing, telling the truth, and stick to it consistently. In fact, sharing your weakness with the recruiter might give you an opportunity to connect with them on a personal level in a better way and get the job you need.

Let's consider an example to understand the problem. Let's assume that you have never done a research paper in the past, but you do not share the truth with the recruiters that you had used the services of research paper writers to get the task done. In this situation, if they try to test you by asking you to write a research paper, you’ll be embarrassed and disappointed with the result in the end.

So, speak the truth and share every necessary detail, including your weakness, if necessary.

4.  Be realistic

Well trying to get a particular job, you might feel that the commitment might be possible from your end. However, if you are not realistic, the tables can turn, and you might feel the burden even after getting the job you have been looking for. Disappointment after being recruited will be much higher, and so you need to make the right decision today and be realistic with every question that has been asked by the recruiter.