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Tips for a Striking Resume: Apply for a Job Like a Winner

If you want to apply for a job, creating a resume is a must. In this guide, you’ll learn effective tips for different types of professions.

How to Write a Resume: Popular Resume Writing Tips in 2021


Creating a resume takes time. And the success of your job application is mainly dependent on the way you compose your CV. There are different ways you can try when working on resume creation. Some companies accept the standard resumes, while others ask for a creative approach. If you need a specific resume template for a particular company, you should consult the company and figure out what the rules are. But if you have no restrictions and want to learn real methods to compose a decent and eye-catchy resume, you’re welcome to read the guide.

In this guide, we will focus on the two major sections. These are technical and creative professions. When it comes to technical undertakings, you should be strict with your experience and show the qualification. But when it comes to some creative activity, you can loosen up your resume a bit and insert some interesting details. Let's get into the guide and see what’s the best way to cope with the resume in both cases. 

How to Cope With the Resume Writing: Useful Tips for Creative Professions

When you decide to apply for a job as an art director, artist, video maker, or content creator, your main goal is to demonstrate the examples of your work. Listing your skills and describing your experience won’t be enough. Even a beginner can reach the highest rates and salary offers with well-developed skills and taste. You can avoid the regular rules used for making resumes. The more creativity you use in your resume templates, the better promotion you can receive. And here are some tips for people seeking creative professions

Be Brief and Make It Simple 

When you work on a creative resume, you should be brief. It’s not about listing all your successes. It’s about the visual materials. You can describe your professional background in a couple of words. But the best way to demonstrate your expertise and talent is by the use of visual materials. It’s not about the choice of words you decide to use unless you apply for the writing opening. When you start working on the resume, you should first figure out the direction of the profession and then choose the best means for a proper message. 

Create a Project

It’s always a nice idea to stay creative and work a bit more than you’re expected to do. When you apply for some interesting openings, it’s necessary to do your best to provoke interest in the final receivers of your message. Writing a resume and listing your skills isn’t enough. If you work on a creative video project, it will be a perfect tool to draw the attention of the company. Here are some useful tools you can try in your work: 

  • Movavi is thought to be the best option for beginners. If you want to make a bright presentation of yourself, it’s best to use the Movavi Video Editor. It is an easy tool with a simple interface. 
  • DaVinci Resolve is the next alternative for those who want to make their video resume project even more advertising. You can add different effects and color correction here. 
  • Magisto is another great alternative for more experienced users. If you get on perfectly with videos and the editing process, you should try this video editing tool. 
  • If you want to add some writings or pictures to your presentation or create a greeting, Canva is a great tool. You can open it on different devices. A flexible interface will make it possible to work with the help of different devices. 
  • Vyond will suit you the best if you look for the tool for animated videos. 
  • The last from the list is the Powtoon application. It’s a great solution for those users who need to work with animated presentations. 

These are the best examples you can find on the market. If you decide to create a video project for your resume message, you should choose one from the list. 

Choose the Color Scheme Properly

When you choose the creative objective, you should follow it throughout the whole resume. It will be a mistake if you apply for the creative job offering with a dull and uninteresting resume example. If it's paperwork, you should take care of the fonts and colors for your document. Otherwise, it won’t catch the eye of the HR manager or employer. 

How to Write a Resume: Tips for Technical Professions

There are different tips for technical professions you can find online. We gathered them in a single list so that you don’t forget about anything: 

  • Don’t forget your personal information. It’s a mandatory step. 

  • Always include the facts about your education and relevant work experience in the inverted order. 

  • Make sure to tell more about the additional courses and some relevant hobbies. 

  • Don’t forget about your social media accounts. 

If you include all these tips in your resume, the employer will learn all the basics about you. 

Final Words 

Working on a resume may be stressful. A lot depends on the way you create your resume project. There’s a difference between the technical and creative professions. If you want to hit the point and create an awesome presentation of yourself and your skills, the use of our tips is a must.